This year, too, things go awry.

Washington Nationals officials and fans are on the verge of a tantrum. It’s because star Steven Strasburg, who is receiving a lot of money, didn’t attend spring training.

Washington set up a spring camp in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. But manager Dave Martinez delivered the bad news from the start. It is said that starting agent Strasburg did not participate in spring training. 카지노사이트

Strasburg is walking the worst ‘eating run’. In 2019, he led Washington to win the World Series and signed a 7-year, 245 million dollar contract in 2020 (approximately 314.5 billion won). However, a wrist injury suffered in the first season of his contract limited him to two appearances. In the 2021 season, it increased slightly. 5 matches. A rare disease called thoracic outlet syndrome caught him off guard. Because of this, he underwent surgery right away, and although he returned in June of last season, he pitched in just one game against the Miami Marlins and ended the season again. In the three seasons following his large contract, he only pitched 31⅓ innings in eight starts., the official US major league site, reported that Strasburg had recently suffered nerve problems due to the aftereffects of thoracic outlet syndrome while pitching in the bullpen, and was uncertain about returning to the rotation in 2023.

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