“The leap forward of Inseong Girls’ High School will be a valuable experience for the students.” Inseong Girls’ High School’s

basketball team was once a school that produced many promising players. It was a school that influenced various regions besides Incheon, the location of Inseong Girls’ High School.

However, Inseong Girls’ High School has been on a hiatus since 2019. Due to various situations such as player supply and demand problems and Corona 19, I have not been able to go to the tournament for three years.

And in 2022. Inseong Girls’ High School participated in the official competition again. There were only 5 players and no winning experience, but starting again meant a lot to the Inseong Girls’ High School basketball team.

Coach Park Joo-hyun, who is instructing the players at Inseong Girls’ High School, said, “It was an opportunity for Inseong Girls’ High School to start over. It was also a point from which I could leap forward again.”

Since I started all over again, there were many things I lacked. However, coach Park Joo-hyun said, “There were a lot of players in the lower grades. The 1st year players had to fight against the opponent 3rd year players. Of course it wasn’t enough. Still, it was a great experience. I think I will achieve better results in the future,” he said, valuing the “experience”.

At least, the 2023 season will be a little easier (?). It’s because three new students came in. Coach Park Joo-hyun said, “There are seven in total. 2 more than last year. I think we can also change players. Even that alone, I think it is a big improvement (laughs)” and showed a positive response (?).

The situation at Inseong Girls’ High School is obviously encouraging. However, Inseong Girls’ High School requires time. Because the 2022 season was the first season that was virtually refounded. Both air defense movement and color need to be newly established.

Coach Park Joo-hyun knows this too. However, “It is difficult to say how the team color will be decided. However, you have to teach the players exactly how to play basketball. These players have to go to the draft or college in the future. You have to play basketball close to adult basketball. So, as a leader, you have to take responsibility.”

Meanwhile, Inseong Girls’ High School for the 2023 season consisted of one third grader, three second graders, and three first graders. Coach Park Joo-hyun said, “There is only one Jin Yu-ri in the third grade. He leads his younger siblings as a guard and chief. It’s not easy. Nonetheless, he leads his younger siblings to maturity. He also has a strong sense of responsibility.”

After that, “Kim Bo-yeon, Hwang Mi-jeong, and Kang Seo-hee are in the second year. Kim Bo-yeon has been a good player since middle school. He has many roles in high school as well. By the time she is in her third year, she can show exceptional abilities. In the case of Hwang Mi-jeong and Kang Seo-hee, she has a height of about 180cm, although her ball power is short. These are players who can fight high. It’s reassuring,” said the three second graders as well.

“Last year, I set a goal to participate in the tournament. Looking at last year alone, we achieved our goal. You should set higher goals. So, I set my goal for this season as ‘first win’. I have to work hard, but I want the players to run hard,” he said, setting a goal for the 2023 season. 메이저놀이터

Finally, “I always say, ‘If you want to be a great player, be a great person’. Because being a person is important. Also, because of these players, Inseong Girls’ High School was able to take off again. It must have been difficult for the players, but the experience I had at Inseong Girls’ High School will be of great help to the students.” That’s not wrong. Starting with a re-created team is not an experience that anyone can have.

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