Pittsburgh’s Choi Ji-Man will soon be back in the major leagues.

He’s been rehabbing for over two months, and today (the 29th) he showed off his revitalized bat with a home run.온라인카지노

We caught up with him ahead of time.

< Bowie Baysox 9:8 Altoona Curve|American League Double-A (last 22 days)

In his first game back from an Achilles’ tendon injury in two months, Bowie hits a big, near-home run in his first at-bat.

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After batting 2-for-5 in Double-A, Choi has been promoted to Triple-A after a week in the minors.

Today, he launched a two-run home run over the fence and into the roof of the building.

[Ji-Man Choi/Pittsburgh Pirates: I think the most important thing is for me to come back quickly].

Choi surprised everyone in April when he broke a long slump and homered in two consecutive games, only to surprise again the next day when he was placed on the disabled list.

[Choi Ji-Man/Pittsburgh Pirates: I held it in and then it popped, and it hurt to run (until the end of my rehab). It’s the first time I’ve ever hurt my Achilles, so I’m just rehabbing a lot of strength and ankle ligaments].

Pittsburgh has lost 10 straight to start June and has slipped to fourth place in the Central.

There’s a lot of pressure to be out there, but I’m trying not to get impatient.

[Ji-Man Choi/Pittsburgh Pirates: “I’ve been talking to (the team) and saying, ‘We’re not going to get too hung up on (wins and losses). The game is long, the season is long’ (I told them)]

Because there are a lot of records to be written, just like I made the ‘first shared home run in history’ with Bae Ji-hwan.

[Choi Ji-Man/Pittsburgh Pirates: I’ve been sick, now. I hope I don’t get sick until the end of the season and do well, and I’m thinking of going back a little bit, because I don’t think this is my prime…]

Choi could be back in the big leagues as early as next week.

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