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Controversy over back money is brewing in professional baseball ahead of the opening this weekend.

It is said that the KIA Tigers general manager Jang Jeong-seok demanded money from the player.

The intention was that he would give me a contract for a large amount and ask for a portion of it.

When the scandal broke out, the KIA Tigers held a disciplinary committee and dismissed the general manager.


Did the general manager ask the player for money? I’m hearing this for the first time. Why is that?


I’ve been covering professional baseball for several years, but it’s the first time in history.

The player who was asked for money is catcher Park Dong-won, who recently moved from KIA to LG.

He was scheduled to become a free agent after the end of last season.

It was a huge contract. 안전놀이터

Former general manager Jang said that before the end of the season, he met with Park Dong-won twice one-on-one and asked for a portion if he signed a contract with KIA over a certain amount.

The captain is the person who oversees the team’s affairs.


So, I will use my strength to sign a large contract, so give me some instead.


It’s possible. In the end, Park Dong-won did not sign an extension contract with KIA and signed a 4-year contract with LG for a total of 6.5 billion won.

And recently, he confessed to the KIA club and the Professional Baseball Players Association that he had been asked for back money.

I’ve been thinking about it for several months. Let’s listen to the players’ association officials.

[Jang Dong-cheol/Secretary General of the Professional Baseball Players Association: It wasn’t like that once, it happened twice. Can you take that as a joke? How much did you worry about? The 2nd and 3rd victims shouldn’t come out, and we need to be vigilant using this incident as an opportunity.]


But as far as I know, the two of them were a little close, weren’t they? Were you on another team?


We had a relationship for more than 10 years. Even when Jang was the manager of Kiwoom Heroes, Park Dong-won was the main catcher.

After becoming the KIA general manager, he brought Park Dong-won into the trade.

When the suspicion arose, former general manager Jang said, “I made a joke remark because we are close,” but the Athletes Association said, “If you enter the recording file, it cannot be called a joke.”

Kia Tigers also decided to discipline and posted an official apology.

[Lee Seok-bum/KIA Tigers Public Relations Team Leader: Regardless of intention, it was judged that it was inappropriate to make such a statement in the position of general manager during the negotiation process.

] I decided to enter the disciplinary process.

We plan to check if there are more similar cases.

[Anchor Lead]

Recently, after being eliminated in the first round of Korean baseball, the WBC, sexual offenses against promising pitchers have surfaced. In addition, there are two days left before the opening of professional baseball this Saturday, until the excommunication of the incumbent general manager’s demand for back money, and the noise continues. We’ll watch.

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