This is Rio Ferdinand’s claim.

Arsenal are trying to win the title this season. Even before the start of the season, 4th place was a realistic goal, but under coach Mikel Arteta, a perfect tactic was built and this led to the result. Since the opening so far, they have not missed first place and are still in an advantageous situation over ‘second place’ Manchester City.

It is true that it is numerically advantageous. Although they played one more game than Man City, it is because the difference is 4 points.토토사이트

but i am anxious Arsenal have been dropping points lately due to a lack of support. In February, in three consecutive matches against Everton, Brentford and Man City, they recorded 1 draw and 2 losses, allowing Manchester City to pursue, and also recorded 2 draws in the last two matches against Liverpool and West Ham United, narrowing the gap with Man City. Football is a fight against the flow. Manchester City, which is on a winning streak, is more likely to win than Arsenal, which has been somewhat cut off with two draws in a row. The American statistical media ‘Five Thirty Eight’ also set the chances of Manchester City winning at 66%.

If Arsenal fail to win the title, the season will end in a draw. In the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup), they lost 1-3 to Brighton in the round of 32 and were eliminated, and in the FA Cup, they lost 0-1 to Manchester City in the round of 32 and were eliminated. In the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League (UEL), it was pushed back by Sporting and stopped in the round of 16. If you miss the championship even in the remaining leagues, it will be an unfortunate season for Arsenal.

In this situation, Manchester United’s ‘legend’ Ferdinand made an interesting claim. If Arsenal fail to win, it means Manchester United had a better season. “If Arsenal don’t win the league and Manchester United finish in third place, they’ve had a better season, because they have a trophy,” he said on his channel.

He added, “From a non-fan player’s point of view, 3rd for one trophy or 2nd for no tie, which one would be happier?” Arsenal fans can be a bit uncomfortable to hear. But Ferdinand has also revealed that he still wants Arsenal to win the league title.

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