Woori Bank deals with Samsung Life Insurance. 

Asan Woori Bank Woori WON will play a match against Yongin Samsung Life Bluemings in the regular league of Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball at Yongin Gymnasium on the 16th. 

Woori Bank defeated BNK in the previous game and confirmed the championship in the regular league. In digesting the rest of the game, I have more time than before. However, director Seong-Woo Lee did not remove the tension.

Coach Wie said, “There are players who need to increase the pace, so we are cautious and have concerns about game management. It’s not even a situation where we’re going to drop all the players just because they’re on their backs.

Recruiting Kim Dan-bi, who was the biggest free agent, made Woori Bank’s regular league race easier.

Coach Wi said, “I think you did very well. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t brought you. I felt the age of the players while training, and I don’t think there was a feeling of being unfamiliar with them because I’ve met them all the time in the national team. It feels like a player who has always been there. The players are also shy. He does it well,” he said.

Park Hye-jin, who came back from her foot injury, is at a stage where she continues to improve her performance.

Coach Wie said, “Park Hye-jin plans to run for a certain amount of time until she sets her pace and rotate the rest. It’s getting better and better. After taking a break for about 40 days, there are ups and downs in terms of physical fitness. He also trains. That’s why he’s a good player. He’s working hard because he doesn’t like the way he plays right now. He’s a good and hard-working player, and he clearly knows his role in the playoffs.” 카지노

Regarding Park Ji-hyun, who has grown this season, “I feel that I have been doing my part properly this season and have accumulated years of experience. (Park) Ji-hyun’s development and accumulated experience can sufficiently ease the burden on Hye-jin and other players in the playoffs. I think there is. All big games like the playoffs have to be good. You can’t win if only one person is good. I will try to improve the best part.”

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