Will Eric Turn Haag like Harry Kane?

As British local media reports that her Harry Kane broke up with her Tottenham, to whom she dedicated her youth, are pouring in every day, attention is also focused on her future destination.

First of all, Manchester United is being talked about as a strong player, but there are also many predictions that Manchester United can be unexpectedly difficult.

It’s because of the director of turn hagh who leads the resurrection of man utd in the 2022/23 season.

The British media ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 21st (Korean time) that “Manchester United is considering a shocking signing” and “Kane has been put on the top list of recruits in the upcoming summer transfer window. Kane also announced his intention to transfer to Manchester United.”

Earlier, on the 18th, the influential British magazine’Evening Standard’ also said, “Kane’s contract ends at the end of the next season (2023/24),” and “It would be surprising if he rushed to agree to a renewal. ) It is because it is a cruel reality that it continues to sink after finishing in 4th place.”

Kane joined Tottenham in 2009 when he was 17 years old, and after a few rentals, he played as a main striker for 10 years from 2013, winning 3 Premier League scorers and 7 Premier League Player of the Month awards. He is proud of it, but there is no championship cup, which is causing controversy.

British media observe that he will not wear a Manchester United uniform to win the championship, his last long-cherished dream this summer, with one year remaining on his contract with Tottenham.

But even if Kane wants Manchester United, it remains to be seen if United, especially manager Turnhagh, will want Kane first. This is because Kane is such a star player that he may not fit with coach Turn Hagh, who values ​​discipline, and it is not the style he wants.

In addition, Osimen, a Nigerian striker who plays for Napoli, Kim Min-jae’s team, is catching the eye of Manchester United, so it is unknown whether Kane will be number one on the Manchester United list.

Recently, Naples local media ‘Il Martino di Napoli (Il Martino)’ reported that Premier League clubs, centering on Man Utd, are showing interest in him, and that Man Utd is mobilizing agents as much as possible to recruit Osimen.

Osimen isn’t quite as big-league proof as Kane, but as a fresh 25-year-old striker, he has far better prospects than the 31-year-old Kane.

In addition, there are not a few evaluations that the appearance of the target striker that coach Turn Hagh prefers is closer to Osimen than Kane. 헤라카지노

The Evening Standard also predicted that “director Tern Haag would prefer a more dynamic Osimen style.”

The key is the ransom of Kean and Osimen.

Kane is likely to go downhill from his prime, so the transfer fee is unlikely to exceed 100 million euros (approximately 160 billion won).

However, the ransom of Osimen in his mid-20s is already 150 million euros, and a transfer fee of about 200 billion won is attached, so it can be burdensome for Manchester United. The fact that Chelsea and Newcastle, etc. seduce Osimen with a large bundle of money explains that his recruitment is not an easy task for Manchester United.

The charm of Kane, who no longer needs verification, and the downside of Kane, who does not have a lot of activity, will make a judgment about Kane’s shortcomings.

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