Napoli is preparing for the transfer of Kim Min-jae (27). As Kim Min-jae’s replacement, they are pointing to a player who is less than 20 years old.

Kim Min-jae is expected to attract the attention of powerful big clubs in a short period of time in the transfer market this summer. This is because there is a high possibility that the buyout clause (amount allowed for transfer), which was inserted when Kim Min-jae signed the contract with Napoli in July of last year, will be activated between July 1 and 15. 

Kim Min-jae’s buyout ranges from at least 50 million euros (about 73.2 billion won) to 70 million euros (about 102.5 billion won). This means that it can be flexible depending on whether or not it is possible to qualify for the Champions League. 온라인카지노

However, Napoli wants to protect Kim Min-jae somehow. Even if the buyout clause cannot be removed, we are trying to keep him for another year even if he raises his salary. Head coach Cristiano Giuntoli and chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis also expressed their will to catch Kim Min-jae somehow.

However, Napoli cannot only vaguely trust Kim Min-jae. This is because there is always a possibility that Kim Min-jae will leave Naples and head for England. Kim Min-jae is expected to receive scouting offers from Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham.

On the 22nd (Korean time), Spain’s ‘Area Napoli’ quoted Italy’s ‘Corriere dello Sport’ and said, “We cannot rule out the possibility that major European clubs will recruit Kim Min-jae next summer. “I am also very happy at Napoli,” he said. “Napoli will not welcome this situation unprepared.” 

At the same time, the media emphasized that “Napoli has found a perfect replacement for Kim Min-jae,” and that Atalanta defender Giorgio Scalvini is attracting Napoli’s attention. At 194 cm tall, Scalvini can play as a defensive midfielder, but his main position is center back. He’s just starting to develop, but he’s the favorite of the Napoli management. 

Growing up at Atalanta’s youth, Scalvini has been called one of Italy’s future players. Skalvini, who has consistently been in the national team for his age group, made his debut in October 2021 against Sampdoria. This season, he has been active from the beginning and even scored a goal against AS Roma. He also made his debut for the senior national team in a 2-5 defeat against Germany in June. 

Corriere dello Sport claimed, “Napoli is looking around in preparation for the transfer of Kim Min-jae. General manager Cristiano Giuntoli is considering Atalanta defender Giorgio Scalvini as a replacement for Kim Min-jae, who does not cost too much.” /

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