The national equestrian team players are in danger of not participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games unless they pay 100 million won.

On the 15th, the Korea Equestrian Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) decided to put forward the condition that athletes must pay at least 100 million won, including transportation costs for horses, to participate in the Asian Games through their board of directors on the 15th. The national team players who were looking forward to the Hangzhou Asian Games received a call from the association on the same day, ‘decide whether to participate at your own expense’ over the phone. The cost of transporting horses for the Hangzhou Asian Games is estimated at 1.3 billion won, which more than doubles the 500 million won for the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang event. The association judged that it could not afford this amount in the association’s current financial situation and decided to participate at its own expense. As the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee entrusted the air transportation of horses to a German agency that had an exclusive contract for quarantine and safety, the route through Korea-Germany-Hangzhou, rather than the direct route between Korea and Hangzhou, skyrocketed. It is known that

Kim Jeong-yeon, the father of national team member Kim Hyuk, who won a bronze medal in the individual dressage event and a silver medal in the team event in Jakarta-Palembang four years ago, said, “If Korea becomes the best member in the dressage team event, it is possible to win a medal again this time.” If the team is composed of only players who wish to participate, and the team is composed of only players who wish to participate, the lower ranked players will wear the Taegeuk mark. I won’t,” he pointed out the reality. He insisted, “The Asian Games are a particularly important event for the equestrian national team. They say they will finalize their entry at the end of May, but there is not much time. We need to find a way as soon as possible so that athletes who have been preparing for 4 years can participate.” He expressed deep regret, saying, “If only players with money rather than ability can participate in the Asian Games, it will not be easy to nurture dream riders in the future.” “Korea is an advanced country in Asia, and equestrianism is a sport that has won medals every time. There has never been an Asian Games in the history of equestrianism in Korea. that,” he said, expressing concern.

The association covered expenses with corporate sponsorships in the previous three Asian Games. However, after the national government scandal involving equestrianism, sponsorships were cut off and financial difficulties arose. Through a statement, the association said, “After Chairman Park Seo-young (Legal Advisor to General Manager Kim Dong-seon) was elected last year, a large number of executives from Hanwha Next were dispatched to the association, and equestrians had high expectations.” All of the dispatched Hanwha Next employees resigned, and the Hanwha Group drew a line saying that it would not support.” Regarding this, Hanwha Galleria said, “Director Kim has never publicly disclosed or promised to support the association.” Athletes who have been waiting for the Asian Games for four years are crying in the place where a company that once was everything about horseback riding has left.

The Korea Sports Association and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism are currently discussing closely to resolve the problem. It’s not an easy challenge. If only the national team with money is allowed to participate in the Asian Games, the meaning of the national team selection competition, which fiercely determines the right to participate and ranking with fair skills, the essence of the Asian Games, and the spirit of sports will be shaken. If the national team fails to participate due to support issues, it is burdensome even for the government, which has promised to promote elite sports. However, if it is necessary to detach the dispatch expenses for international competitions determined by the government, it will cost more than 1.2 billion won. In the end, there may be a situation where you have to squeeze other sports training expenses or budget 토토사이트 out of a limited budget for horseback riding. It is not in line with stock equity to pour more than 1 billion won into a specific stock. Another way is through the Equestrian Association’s own funds. The association’s own fund, which currently has about 1.8 billion won in reserve, spent 560 million won in principal at the Jakarta-Palembang Games four years ago, and recently received a loan of 200 million won to operate the association using this fund as collateral. At one time, it was close to 7 to 8 billion won, and whether it is reasonable to use up this fund, which has been operating the association with interest income, for the sound operation of the sports organization in the future, and whether it is right in the long term to rely on government funds or funds for the management of the association There are criticisms and theories about it. The authority to approve this fund rests with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. An official from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism confirmed, “I heard that there were inquiries to the Korea Sports Council about this. However, there have been no official requests or inquiries from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism yet.” “We are looking for a way from various angles by comprehensively considering past cases, cases of self-payment, fairness of events, and ways to secure finances for the association by identifying the issue of self-participation by the Korea Sports Council and the Equestrian Association,” he said.

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