Major league Houston is still called a dishonest team by many fans. In the 2019 World Series, it was revealed that Houston stole the opposing team’s catcher’s autograph using a camera installed in the outfield, passed it to the dugout through an electronic device, and informed the batter through the sound of knocking on the trash can.

Since then, sign stealing, which has been quiet in the major leagues, has occurred in college baseball.

US Sports Illustrated recently reported that Rodney Bellardi, head coach of the Atlantic University baseball team in New Jersey, has resigned. The reason he stepped down after holding the baton for 13 years was because he was involved in a new type of sign stealing case.

According to the media, Bellardy resigned earlier this month, two weeks after two players from Atlantic University were discovered using an illegal communication device attached to their helmets during a game against Rowan University.

Ethan Dodd, a new pitcher for the Rowan University baseball team, felt strange that his pitches were being read by the opposing team after pitching in a game against Atlantic University at the end of last month, and reported it to his coach.

Rowan University coach Rob Valley said in an interview with the media, “I thought it was strange that the balls I thought Dodd threw really well were getting hit by the other team’s hitters all the time, but I didn’t think they were stealing his autograph.” He added, “But in retrospect, Dodd’s odd feeling was right.”

How was Atlantic University’s sign stealing identified? Rowan University first baseman Felix Diaz said he heard a voice leaking out of the helmet of an Atlantic University batter who advanced to first base the next day in a game, which led to a dispute.

“I couldn’t believe it at first,” Valley said. “But after hearing what Diaz said, I became convinced and asked the umpire to examine the helmets of the Atlantic hitters before the bottom of the third.”

As a result of the referee’s confirmation, an illegal communication device was attached to the helmet. The referee immediately stopped the game, and Manager Valley requested that the camera installed in center field be removed.토토사이트

After the game, the referee reported the incident to the National Junior College Sports Commission (NJCAA), and the internal investigation began. As a result, when the use of illegal communication devices was confirmed, coach Bellardi was suspended for a total of 4 games, including local games. No players were penalized for this incident.

“We have already asked Bellardy to resign before the NJCAA’s internal investigation is over,” Atlantic University’s chief marketing officer, Laura Bachelor, told local media. “Something that shouldn’t have happened has happened. I am very sorry.”

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