On the 17th, Kangwon Land announced its official position that the High1 ice hockey team would be disbanded on the 28th of this month.

Previously, on the 10th of this month, this magazine inquired about the dissolution of Kangwon Land regarding the ‘opposition to the dissolution of the High1 ice hockey team’ on the national consent petition.

In the contents of the petition, it was only mentioned that “an article about disbandment has been reported in the media recently.”

Kangwon Land replied as the reason for this decision, “The High1 Ice Hockey Team was founded to successfully host the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and will cease operation (dismantle) after achieving the goal.”

“In 2020, it was re-established for the purpose of public interest, such as expanding the experience of domestic players, creating jobs, and expanding sports for life, away from the composition of foreign players (elite sports centered on grades), but due to the recent dissolution of other clubs, domestic leagues “There are 10 teams participating,” he said. “Even one team other than ours is participating in the Asia League.”

He also expressed the limitations of the current state of ice hockey in Korea.

An official from Kangwon Land said, “High1 Resort has continuously proposed to association and university teams the operation of an integrated league involving unemployment and college teams for the past three years after the hockey team was re-established, but as a result, it was not implemented.” It is a situation where only ~ 6 games can be played, and most of the time is used for training, so we inevitably decided to suspend operations because we judged that normal operation would be difficult.”

“High1 Resort, as the only resort public corporation in Korea, has been working hard to develop athletes and local sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and judo, which are less popular sports, to fulfill its social responsibility, and we will do our best to fulfill our responsibilities by faithfully fulfilling this role in the future. We will do our best,” he added. 안전놀이터

Meanwhile, 2,657 people joined the petition against the dissolution of the High1 ice hockey team by the 17th.

The petitioner said, “Kangwon Land is operating in the black, and even public corporations must not fulfill their social responsibilities in the face of COVID-19 and economic difficulties.” will be hit, and elementary, middle, high, and university players will no longer have a purpose to exercise.”

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