Hays, a Brazilian goalkeeper who joined Jeju United, showed expectations for the 2023 season. I was confident that I would be able to produce good results in the upcoming new season as I was part of a good team called Jeju.

Hayes, who has been active as a member of Gwangju FC in the K League 2 in the 2022 season and has made a significant contribution to raising his team to the K League 1, is in full swing in preparation for the new season wearing the Jeju uniform with his hand out in recognition of his performance. Trying hard.

In a recent interview with Brazilian media <Lance>, Hays showed expectations for the 2023 season, which he prepared for Jeju. 토토사이트

Hayes said: “I’m very excited to be in Jeju. I’m really confident in the team’s project. I’m optimistic about the upcoming season. It’s a new stage in my life and I’m happy to stay in Korea, where there are a lot of people who love me very much. I am really happy and motivated to have a great season.” He continued, “My goal is to have a great season. The goal will always be to win the team. If I score a goal, I will contribute to the team as a result.”

Hayes is regarded as the right person to fill the void left by Gerso, and is expected to be a really big part of Jeju’s attacking lineup, which aims to advance to the AFC Champions League and win the K League 1.

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