“I want to show that Min-geun Cho is a good player at Hanyang University.”

Jo Min-geun (180cm, G) stood out from middle school. As soon as he entered Gwangshin Broadcasting Arts High School, he led the team in scoring.

Cho Min-geun, who grew up as a point guard with a sense of stability in the offense and defense, did not show much activity after entering Hanyang University. He also had injuries and didn’t get many opportunities to play because he was pushed out by his seniors.

He is different this year. He currently has no seniors at Hanyang University. Along with Cho Min-geun, Park Seong-jae and Pyo Seung-bin are third-year students, the oldest.

Park Seong-jae said, “Cho Min-geun is the orthodox number 1 (point guard). He shoots well, is fast, and defends well. In the college league, he was sluggish due to lack of play. I should say he’s in a slump, but it’s because he’s lacking confidence,” he said.

Pyo Seung-bin explained Cho Min-geun, saying, “He has a good shot, good passing ability, and a good balance of defense and offense.”

Cho Min-geun, whom we met after completing all training schedules in Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do, said, “I came to Haenam and did physical training and practice games. He said, “There are a lot of things he does well and a lot of things he doesn’t do well.” The fast attack and defense are still okay, but the set offense situation needs to be adjusted a little more.”

Hanyang University’s power is evaluated to be lower than last year. Song Seung-hwan, who used to give strength at the bottom of the goal, quit basketball, so it’s a pity in terms of height.

Jo Min-geun also said, “I have to do it. He is expected to have difficulties because he does not have a center this year.” 안전놀이터

When he mentioned the two years of college where he was not very active, Jo Min-geun said, “I took a break for almost a year due to an injury in my freshman year, and last year, I was very disappointed and regretful because I only showed bad things during the game.” I work hard in everything, including sports.”

Cho Min-geun played a total of 16 games in the college basketball league. Among them, he threw 10 three-pointers and failed to make any. Unlike his high school years, he lost his sense of the three-point shot.

Cho Min-geun said, “Last year, I lost confidence in the 3-point shot. he rises little by little I think this year will be different,” he said. “I have been practicing shooting from dawn at school, and other things are important, but I think a lot because my shooting is not good. He was not good last year either, so if he puts in two 3-pointers per game, he will be satisfied.”

Cho Min-geun emphasized, “Because he is short, he has to play pressure defense and make a lot of fast-paced plays.” “I want to show that Min-geun Cho is a good player at Hanyang University. He hoped that last year he fell out of the playoffs and his goal is to get into the playoffs, and he wants to go beyond that.”

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