“(Heo) Hoon-i and (Moon) Seong-gon can rise to the highest level if they join,”

Suwon KT Sonicboom said in a press release on the 18th that it signed a contract with internal free agent Han Hee-won (195cm, F) for 2 years and a total of 2 remuneration for the first year. He signed a contract for 175 million won (245 million won in annual salary, 30 million won in incentives).

Han Hee-won, who graduated from Jemulpo High School-Kyunghee University and entered KBL as the second overall pick in 2015, did not receive many opportunities at the beginning of his debut and struggled somewhat.

Afterwards, he went through a trade and joined KT during the 2018-2019 season. And in the last 2022-2023 season, he raised his own value. He played a big role in raising the team’s energy level with tenacious defense and hustle play that did not cover the opponent’s position. In addition, he was in charge of the ace defense. Although he still regrets his outside shots, he has also shown his best offense in recent years. This is the reason why KT renewed the contract with Han Hee-won.

Han Hee-won, who succeeded in renewing the contract, said through a phone call with this magazine, “I am so happy to stay at KT. Next year, I like KT members even more. (Heo) Hoon joins the team. In addition, (Moon) Seong-gon came to the team. (Ha) Yoongi’s growth rate is also amazing. We can climb to the highest place. I want to become a player who plays my part in it,” he started the interview.

Afterwards, when Han Hee-won was asked why he stayed at KT, he said, “There are many reasons. As mentioned earlier, there is also a desire for sexuality. And after he moved to KT, he took care of the general manager, front desk, coaching staff, players, and fans too much. That had a big impact on this contract.”

Han Hee-won showed the best performance of his career at the beginning of last season. However, he suffered an injury in the middle of the season and was unable to continue his momentum until the end of the season in the aftermath.

When I mentioned this, “Last year, I was guaranteed playing time. Then his confidence grew. Shooting is really important. But I think the most important thing is confidence. Early in the season, he shot confidently and went well. And he was desperate because it was the FA season.”

He continued, “Unfortunately, my performance did not improve after the injury. At the same time, he showed a lack of confidence in the second half of the season. Nevertheless, the team looked at me favorably, so I succeeded in renewing my contract. (Laughs) Director Song Young-jin also acknowledged my ability. I have to do my best to repay this.”

Meanwhile, KT had a busy time this off-season. Although they failed to renew the contract with Yang Hong-seok (195cm, F), they recruited Moon Seong-gon (196cm, F), the biggest FA player and KBL’s best defender. The recruitment of Moon Seong-gon may affect Hee-won Han.토토사이트

However, Han Hee-won said, “To be honest, the positions may overlap. On top of that, Seong Gon is the best defender in the league. I am also evaluated as being good at defense, but not to that extent. (Laughter) But there will be a difference between me and Seonggon. I believe that the director will solve it. I want to create synergy when running together and lead the team to a higher place. In order to do that, I have to improve in attack.”

Lastly, Han Hee-won said, “This off-season, we have to focus on shooting practice. Then you have to find your confidence again. Especially in the aggressive part, I want to think more than last year and take the opportunity.”

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