There is a possibility that LIV Golf, which is thirsty for recruiting a superstar, will call Anthony Kim (38), a ‘disappeared golf genius’, to the field. Last weekend, when the New York Times reported on Anthony Kim’s current situation through interviews with former caddies and swing coaches, Golf Digest and Golf Week also responded, saying, “Anthony Kim’s story is something fans always want to know.” As LIV Golf, sponsored by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, has been sluggish in recruiting new players, the rumor of Anthony Kim signing seems to be gaining momentum. Greg Norman (Australia), CEO of LIV Golf, exclaimed that “the new year will bring in surprising players,” but the players whose transfers to LIV Golf were confirmed by the 1st were Mito Ferreira (Chile), who ranked 44th in the world, and 90th. There are only two players, including Sebastian Muñoz (Colombia). Adam Scott (Australia), whom Norman worked hard for, announced last month that he would bury his bones on the PGA Tour. In addition, it was reported on the golf channel on the 1st that the PGA Tour will implement a new rule that “players who have participated in unsanctioned tournaments cannot participate in PGA Tour official tournaments for one year” from the 2022-2023 season. ‘Unsanctioned Tournament’ is actually aimed at LIV Golf. PGA Tour official tournaments include not only the PGA Tour, but also the Korn Ferry Tour, the second part of the tour, Monday qualifying rounds, and the Qualifying School. If you want to play on the PGA Tour, it is a super-strong sanction to not even go near LIV golf. David Puig (Spain), who competed in the LIV golf tournament twice as an amateur last year, turned professional at the end of last year, but will not be able to compete in official PGA Tour tournaments until next year.

Starting with the opening game in Mexico in late February, LIV Golf, which is in its second year, will hold 14 tournaments in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. However, it has not been able to show a star signing that will attract attention. In this situation, rumors of Anthony Kim’s return are rising.

Anthony Kim, a Korean-American, was a golfer like the lead singer of a rock band. He recklessly headed straight for the hall with challenging eyes, long back hair, and a quick swing like a rapid-fire cannon. When he got into the flow, he played a phenomenal game that was difficult to handle even when Tiger Woods, the ‘Emperor of Golf’, came. There is no other player who has made 11 birdies (2R in 2009) in one round at the Masters, which is notorious for the glass bead green. With his fighting cock temperament, he won the 2008 Ryder Cup against the United States, which had fallen into Europe’s favoritism, in the Ryder Cup. His confidence skyrocketed as he said, “I am a lion who will deal with Tiger Woods.” He used to take his girlfriend on a cart during practice rounds, and occasionally became a hot topic for insolent behavior such as drinking. Anthony Kim, who made his debut on the PGA Tour in 2007 and won three games, has not been able to return to the field since he applied for sick leave after undergoing Achilles tendon surgery in June 2012. He left the field at just twenty-seven.

The New York Times indirectly conveyed Anthony Kim’s thoughts on going to LIV golf through an interview with Eric Larsson, who was Anthony Kim’s caddy. 안전놀이터

When Larsson said, “Go ahead, take out your old clubs and go there (LIV Golf) and enjoy it,” Anthony Kim said, “That’s what people want from me, but I’m really not sure yet.”

Adam Shriver, Anthony Kim’s swing coach, said, “I’ve played golf with Anthony Kim twice in the past two years,” and “Anthony Kim’s swing is the same as before.” In an interview with the Associated Press in 2015, Anthony Kim said, “I couldn’t play golf because I had six or seven injuries in the past three years, such as the Achilles tendon, shoulder, and spine.”

Anthony Kim is known to receive insurance that he can receive between 10 million and 20 million dollars (estimated) in monthly installments should an injury prevent him from playing. In 2019, it was reported that he gave tens of millions of won in tips to a waitress at a pizzeria who was in trouble. Anthony Kim’s body has improved, but he has given up more than 10 million dollars in insurance money, and there is talk that he is weighing whether or not to return to the tour. He may have to ask for the money he’s been given in the meantime.

LIV Golf has spent tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars on recruited players, considering their star qualities. If Anthony Kim wants to come back, he might not have to worry about money.

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