When it was revealed that the NC Dinos signed a contract with foreign pitcher Eric Peddy (30) ahead of this season, expectations and concerns crossed.

Peddie was a pitcher who had been in the starting rotation in the big leagues until last year. He recorded 6 wins (13 losses) for the Washington Nationals in the 2022 season. When the news of Peddy’s contract with NC was announced, the atmosphere was so tumultuous that “a pitcher who is not in the KBO league is coming.” However, on the other hand, Peddie paid attention to his history of suffering from elbow and shoulder pain. Peddie was on the disabled list (IL) for nearly a month due to shoulder inflammation last year while he was in Washington. The fact that his performance was not very good after his injury was also the reason why his performance this season was questioned.

Concerns were in vain. Peddy is showing a stable appearance, recording quality starts (6 innings or more, 3 earned runs or less) pitches 4 times in 5 appearances this season. Even in the match against LG on the 19th, which was the only game he did not reach QS, he pitched well with 1 earned run in 5 innings. Looking at his early performances, concerns about his injury history have completely disappeared.토토사이트

Peddy, who won his 3rd win (1 loss) of the season with 7 innings, 3 hits, 4 walks, 8 strikeouts and no runs against the KIA Tigers in Gwangju on the 25th, said, “It is a blessing to come to NC,” and said, “Actually, only when I come to Korea. It is true that I had a lot of worries about my shoulder, but I met trainer Baek Gyeong-deok in NC and am receiving good treatment.” He then expressed his gratitude, saying, “The reason I was able to pitch 7 innings today was because of the efforts of the training staff, including trainer Baek Gyeong-deok.”

Most of the player management systems in the KBO League are made by benchmarking the American major leagues. However, it is only benchmarking to the end, and applying the big league system perfectly is close to the ideal. Peddie’s remarks are meaningful in that the excellence of NC’s player management system can be said to be proven to some extent just by a player who had lived a full-time major league life until last year paying tribute to the domestic system.

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