There are two youngest clubs in the major leagues.

It is the Arizona Diamondbacks, which joined the National League in 1998, and the Tampa Bay Rays (the Devil Rays until 2007), which became members of the American League.

Arizona won the World Series in 2001, four years after its founding, and became a strong team in a short period of time, while Tampa Bay never stood on the fall baseball stage for 10 years after its founding. For 9 out of 10 years, it was at the bottom of the East Division. Even in crowd boxing, Tampa Bay could not compare to Arizona, which had solidified its position in Phoenix.

However, Tampa Bay entered the postseason for the first time in 2008 and gained confidence by advancing to the World Series at once. Although he fell to the Philadelphia Phillies with 1 win and 4 losses, it is evaluated as a season that laid the foundation for Tampa Bay to reign as a strong player afterwards.

After that, Tampa Bay, which had been stagnant for a while, advanced to the postseason for four consecutive years from 2019 and revived as a team competing with the New York Yankees for the strongest position in the AL Eastern District. Conversely, Arizona disappeared from the fall baseball stage at the end of 2017. Until last year, Arizona experienced fall baseball 6 times and Tampa Bay 8 times.

Tampa Bay is the trend now. I am really poised to work this year. The momentum at the beginning of the season is being evaluated as ‘the best ever’. On the 25th (hereinafter Korean time), major league history was rewritten.

In the home game against the Houston Astros held at Tropicana Field, they won 8-3 and ran a 14-game home win streak after the opening. It broke the 13 games of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2009, the record for the most consecutive home starts since 1901, the starting point of modern baseball. In the history of the major leagues, the 21 consecutive wins set by the Chicago White Stockings (currently Chicago Cubs) in 1880 is the record for the most consecutive home starts.

Tampa Bay also recorded 20 wins and 3 losses with a recent six-game winning streak, and based on the first 23 games of the season, it recorded the second best win rate after the 21 wins and 2 losses set by the Detroit Tigers in 1911 and the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1955. Afterwards, in 1911, Detroit finished second in the American League with a record of 89-65 and failed to make it to the World Series. took supremacy

Tampa Bay is a representative ‘small market’ club in the major leagues. The combined population of St. Petersburg, where Tropicana Field is located, and Tampa, across the bay, is about 3 million. Every year, the number of spectators ranks at the bottom, and sales and club value are the same.

In the ranking of major league teams announced last month by Forbes, an economic magazine, it ranked 26th out of 30 teams with $1.25 billion. The opening day payroll this season also came in 27th with $75 million. At $355 million, it is one-fifth of the number one New York Mets.

The home crowd, which recorded 2.5 million in 1998, the season of its foundation, has never exceeded 2 million since then. Last year, it ranked 28th with 1.13 million people.토토사이트

It is difficult to sum up in one word the secret of Tampa Bay, which is stingy in spending, so far. There is no way to explain it other than the concentration of the players and the commanding power of coach Kevin Cash.

There was a scene that showed the attitude of the Tampa Bay players in the game against Houston that day. Shortstop Wander Franco chased Martin Maldonado’s soaring batted ball to the left foul line in the fifth inning and caught it with his bare hands. He ran with his back to the batted ball, but when he passed the drop point without winning his speed, he spontaneously stretched out his right hand and grabbed it.

Opponent head coach Dustin Baker exclaimed, “The last time I saw such a defense was Kevin Mitchell when I was in San Francisco.”

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