A ‘wounded evil spirit’ came to Tottenham. Following Hugo Lloris and Yves Bisuma, Rodrigo Bentancur and Ryan Sessegnon also fell. In one week, as many as 4 people left the front line. It’s not a situation where everyone can return quickly, but even Tottenham, who is busy on the way, took a ‘super emergency’.

The start of the injury was Lloris. On the 6th, he suffered a knee ligament injury during the game against Manchester City. Locals are predicting that they will be away from the battle line for at least six weeks. It was a fatal injury for Tottenham as a captain and a key goalkeeper.

Midfielder Eve Bisuma, who was a quarter-level resource, was also put on the operating table. Bisuma was the team’s third midfield option after Bentancur and Pierre-Emile Hoivier. In the tactic of putting three midfielders, such as 3-5-2, they matched with those in front, but the possibility of a ‘season out’ due to an ankle injury is being raised.

These are not the only ones. Left wingback Ryan Sessegnon was suddenly excluded from the entry for the Leicester match on the 12th (Korean time), and local news was reported that he would be out of the line for six weeks due to a hamstring injury. Here, Bentancur also collapsed during the game against Leicester and was replaced. Even a cruciate ligament rupture injury is suspected locally. In the last week, as many as four people have collapsed one after another. 메이저놀이터

Tottenham really took a super emergency. With Lloris already missing the goal, concerns became reality. Fraser Foster, who played instead, collapsed with 4 runs against Leicester. Although the opponent’s shooting was sharp, the third and fourth runs, which were not strong shots, showed regret for his ability to save even in the field. The anxiety factor about the goal that Lloris left has already grown.

There was also a serious leak in midfield. This season, Tottenham’s midfield had Bentancur and Hoivier as the clear starters, and Bisuma supported them, but Bentancur and Bisuma were unable to play for a while. With Hoivier, who is already playing at the level of ‘overwork’, Pape Matar Sar and Oliver Skip should be in the midfield, but it is unknown how stable Sarna Skip, who was virtually ‘out of power’ this season, will hold out in midfield. all.

The left wingback, without Sessegnon, has also become worried about coach Antonio Conte, coupled with the recent sluggishness of Ivan Perisic. Perisic was sluggish in the last Man City match, and there was even a local prospect that he would be removed from the starting list for the Leicester match, but with Sessegnon missing due to injury, Perisic started again. Perisic showed great disappointment on both sides of the offense and defense, and could not escape local criticism for two consecutive games.

The reason why Tottenham’s worries are even bigger is that they are ahead of important matches such as AC Milan (Italy) and UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League Round of 16 first leg on the 15th. In addition, we have to do our best to enter the top 4 of the league, where the right to advance to the next season’s Champions League is determined, but successive injuries have made it difficult to operate the best lineup for each game. Both Tottenham and manager Antonio Conte faced the biggest crisis this season.

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