For Cristiano Ronaldo, who is being criticized by fans of the team he transferred to, Kaka, who played together at Real Madrid in the past, has stepped up to protect.

Although he has only played two league games yet, Al Nasr fans are accusing Ronaldo of not paying an astronomical price. Ronaldo signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with Al Nasr for an annual salary of $173 million (about 270 billion won). However, Ronaldo’s performance is below expectations. In the friendly match against Paris Saint-Germain, where the ‘Meho War’ was held, he showed Ronaldo-like appearance, but in the Saudi league, he has not been able to operate the scorer for two consecutive games. 토토사이트

Ronaldo wore the captain’s armband in the 2022 Saudi Super Cup semi-final against Al Ittihad held on the 27th of last month, started and played the full game, but ended up scoring nothing. He was unable to prevent the team’s 1-3 defeat. He failed to score a goal despite having several crucial scoring chances. Some spectators chanted rival Messi’s name and mocked Ronaldo for his sluggish performance.

His Saudi league debut was similar. On the 23rd of last month, he played full-time against RIT Park and led Al-Nasr to a 1-0 victory, but there was no goal. Al Nasr club officials are also known to be disappointed with Ronaldo’s performance. “I invested a lot of money in Ronaldo, but (instead of the goal I expected), all he knows how to do is a loud ceremony,” he said, complaining.

When Ronaldo was pointed out as the culprit of the team’s sluggishness, some Al Nasr fans posted a video on social media (SNS) of trampling on Ronaldo’s uniform.

In response, Kaká defended Ronaldo. “Ronaldo wants to quit football. He has to understand that Ronaldo is a special player,” Kaká said in an interview with the Italian media Gazetta Dello Sport. He went on to add that “players like Ronaldo bring the team the simple concept of winning. Winning doesn’t equal defeat. I get the feeling that many young players of this generation don’t understand that.”

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