Busan I’Park experienced a bitter defeat at home.

Busan lost 0-1 to Bucheon FC in the 13th round of ‘Hana One Q 2023 K League 2’ held at Busan Asiad Main Stadium at 6:30 pm on the 13th. It was their second loss this season and their first loss at home.

Manager Park Jin-seop also regretted the home loss, saying, “It was a disappointing game at home,” at a meeting after the game.

Lim Min-hyeok was injured in the first half and had to be substituted unexpectedly. When asked about Lim Min-hyuk’s condition, director Park replied, “I’m not sure yet. I need to do a detailed diagnosis.” He continued, “I have an injury. I have to make good use of other prepared players. I will check closely.”

Busan struggled under strong pressure from Bucheon in the first half. Manager Park Jin-seop also explained, “The opponent pressed hard in the first half. It was harder than I thought. But in the second half, I tried to win the waist fight and fought well.”

Busan has been pretty decisive this season, but it wasn’t on this day. Compared to last season, the defense was stable, but one shot was lacking in a tight match.안전놀이터

Coach Park said, “The difference is that we came out after hitting the post and the opponent took a mid-range shot. It doesn’t seem like we scored as many goals as we thought. We are training to score more goals. The defensive part is satisfactory, but we can’t just defend. No. It seems that the development of the attack was not smooth. I will make up for it through training.”

The atmosphere at home has fallen, but we are aiming for a rebound in the next game. Manager Park Jin-seop promised, “We are always focusing on the upcoming games and looking at one game at a time. We will prepare well and bring 3 points.”

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