Usually, at the end of the V-League season, the lower ranks are often humiliated. This is because it becomes a focus target for teams aiming to advance to the postseason. In the bloody ranking competition, if you fail to accumulate victory points against the lower ranks, the probability of failure is bound to be high.

But this season is different. The game is shaken by the rebellion of the lower ranks. In particular, the rebound of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which is at the bottom of the men’s division, is strong. It is no longer a ‘victory vending machine’. Rather, it attracts attention as a casting boat that holds the fate of ‘Spring Volleyball’.

Samsung Fire & Marine has recently won 4 consecutive wins. Won the last match of round 4 and all three matches of round 5. Starting with two consecutive victories against Woori Card, he caught leading Korean Air, followed by a shutout victory over OK Financial Group, which was busy on the way. In particular, it was impressive to show off a strong back-and-forth in the full-set Korean Air match. It was completely different from the beginning of the season when it was weak to hold on.

The stabilization of each position is a factor in the uptrend. In particular, setter Lee Ho-gun and striker’s breathing improved. Not only foreign player Ikbairi, but also left striker Kim Jeong-ho, who was acquired in a trade during the season, is reliable. On top of that, rookie Kim Jun-woo occupies a spot as a middle blocker (center), and libero Lee Sang-wook’s receiving and defense are solid. As organizational skills were established, the sticky volleyball that Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo aimed for became possible.

Samsung Fire & Marine will challenge for a 5-game winning streak at home on the 15th. The opponent is the 2nd place Hyundai Capital. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance is the only opponent that has not been surpassed this season. Out of 4 losses, they won only 2 sets. This is the reason why Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, whose pride has been damaged, is crying out for victory.

The women’s division, Pepper Savings Bank, is also attracting attention. After a full set match against Hyundai Engineering & Construction in the 5th round, he won his 3rd win of the season. Leading Hyundai Engineering & Construction put in Montaño, a substitute for Yasmin, but could not stop Pepper Savings Bank’s resistance. 안전놀이터

Pepper Savings Bank never laughed until mid-season. He suffered 17 consecutive losses in the opening season and had the worst time ever. They recruited setter Lee Go-eun and picked Nia Reid, the first pick in the foreign draft, but to no avail. The turning point was the recruitment of Oh Ji-young as a libero. As the receiving and defense stabilized, the power surged.

On the 15th, Pepper Savings Bank will play an away match against second place Heungkuk Life Insurance. It is 4 losses against opponents this season. Attention is focusing on whether it will be able to continue the momentum that caught Hyundai E&C.

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