Park Hyo-joon’s (27) chances of entering the big leagues are getting lower and lower. 

The Atlanta Braves announced the list of players invited to spring camp on the 2nd (hereinafter Korean time). Park Hyo-joon was not included among a total of 26 players, including 11 pitchers, 4 catchers, 6 infielders, and 5 outfielders. Park Hyo-jun will prepare for this season in the minor league spring camp.  안전놀이터

On November 23 last year, Hyo-Jun Park, who received a DFA notice from the Pittsburgh Pirates, transferred to the Boston Red Sox, but was DFA again on December 14. 

3 days later, Atlanta took Park Hyo-jun, but on December 29, he was again DFA. As the team he wanted did not come out, Park Hyo-joon moved to Triple A Gwinnett Strippers under Atlanta on the 6th of last month. He changed his status from major leaguer to minor leaguer. 

On the other hand, Park Hyo-joon left a batting average of 1.59 (25 hits in 128 bats), 3 homers, 14 RBIs, 16 points and 1 steal in 45 games in the first year of his big league debut in 2021. He appeared in 23 games for Pittsburgh last year and had a batting average of 

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