Italian football expert Maurizio Compagnoni praised Napoli’s selection of Kim Min-jae.

Compagnoni recently appeared on ‘Radio Goal’ on ‘Kiss Kiss Napoli’, Naples’ official radio channel, to give his thoughts on Naples’ golden age. Napoli is trying to win the Italian Serie A title for the first time in 33 years this season. Napoli, which has been at the top of the league since the beginning of the season, is maintaining the top spot so far. With a 13-point gap with Inter Milan in second place, there is some room to spare.

Coach Luciano Spalletti’s leadership and the great performance of the players are the secret to the upward trend. Before the start of this season, Napoli was expected to have a difficult season, parting ways with key members of the team such as Lorenzo Insigne, Dries Mertens, Kalidou Koulibaly and Fabian Ruiz. However, the existing players have strengthened Napoli through a step-up, and the players recruited in place of the departed players are contributing to the team’s rise by showing a level similar to or higher than that of the previous players.

Kim Min-jae is also one of the latter cases. Kim Min-jae, who was recruited as a replacement for Koulibaly, did not receive much expectations when he was recruited. He was of Asian origin and was playing in the Turkiye League, which raised doubts. However, Kim Min-jae cleared his doubts with his skills. Kim Min-jae played a big role right after joining and established himself as the core of Napoli’s defense. 슬롯사이트

Compagnoni also pointed out that the choice of Napoli, which recruited Kim Min-jae, was the best choice. Compagnoni praised Kim Min-jae in ‘Kiss Kiss Napoli’, saying, “Kim Min-jae is a player with impressive stamina and explosive power. He is fast and has good concentration. In my opinion, signing him is a masterpiece for Napoli.” Compagnoni is also active as a football commentator, so it seems that he also watched Kim Min-jae’s performance this season.

Compagnoni also said: “Napoli’s attitude is great. It is true that all three goals against Spezia came from opponent errors, but Victor Osimen seemed to take off when he scored the second. Osimen and Hvica Kvarac Helia is crazy. Both players are showing the world’s best level in their roles.”

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