The Eastern Conference All-Star reserve roster, which includes Joel Embiid (28) to Tyrese Halliburton (22), has been released.

The NBA Secretariat announced the 2023 All-Star Reserve roster on the official website on the morning of the 3rd (Korean time).

The Eastern All-Star roster included Embiid, Jaylen Brown, Bam Adebayo, Julius Randle, Derma DeRozan, Cruz Halladay and Halliburton.

Unfortunately, Embiid did not make the All-Star starting list behind Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum, but he earned the honor of making six consecutive All-Star appearances while on the reserve list.

Adebayo earned his 2nd All-Star appearance on the stage of his career. Previously, Adebayo could not even raise his name in the fan voting that went on until the 3rd tally. In response, Adebayo expressed dissatisfaction with the All-Star Game voting method, but was included in the All-Star roster through a manager’s vote. Randall returned to the stage of the stars after 2 years. Randle has been highly evaluated by ranking 10th in the player vote, 9th in the fan vote, and 5th in the media vote.

Brown finished third overall in Eastern Conference guard voting behind Kyrie Irving and Donovan Mitchell, earning a spot on the All-Star Reserve roster. As Brown participated in the All-Star Game this year as well as last year, he became an All-Star member for the second consecutive time.

DeRozan is a 6-time all-star superstar. While leading the Chicago Bulls, he received high praise by ranking 4th in the player vote, 6th in the fan vote, and 10th in the media vote, and was selected by the coaches to participate in the All-Star Game.

Holliday returned to the All-Star Game stage after 10 years. Halladay did not make his name on the ballot papers at all, but was selected to the All-Star reserve list on the recommendation of the manager. Halladay has had no All-Stars compared to his reputation, but he was able to step up to the dream stage confidently by leading the Milwaukee Bucks to second place in the East this season with Adetokounmpo. 메이저놀이터

Halliburton enjoyed the honor of being selected as the first All-Star member. He is showing amazing performance by leading Indiana, which was expected to rebuild this season, to the top of the East. In particular, the 10.2 assists he recorded this season ranks first in the entire NBA league. Therefore, the directors could not overlook these advantages.

On the other hand, there were players who were pushed by them and could not get on the stage of the All-Star Game.

In particular, James Harden was expected to be included in the All-Star list by ranking next to Jaylen Brown in the voting results, but unfortunately he was not included in the list.

Jaylen Brunson also ranked 10th in the polls, but his first All-Star game had to be postponed to a later date. And Jimmy Butler and Pascal Siakam will also be on the list of injured substitutes.

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