Three weeks without a win. Given the pivotal role he’ll play at the Hangzhou Asian Games, he needs to regain his form and confidence to make the team. The ‘national batsman’ is in trouble.

Doosan will call up Kwak Bin (24) for the final game of the three-game series against KIA at the Gwangju-KIA Champions Field on Nov. 15. “Kwak-bin will join the national team after pitching on the 17th and 22nd (unless there is a rain delay),” Lee said. Kwak-Bin started against Jamsil Hanwha on April 12 and pitched unsatisfactorily, giving up three runs in four innings. His pitches were choppy, and his pitch count reached 98 by the time he finished the fourth inning. That’s why he didn’t make it to the fifth inning, which is a requirement for a winning pitcher.

“I had to pitch after four days of rest, so I had no choice but to pitch hard,” Lee said regretfully. The game is against KIA, and there is a possibility that he will be forced to pitch after two four-day breaks. “We will make the final decision on the 22nd after watching the game on the 17th,” Lee said. If he plays long innings, he may not be able to handle two consecutive five-day rotations, so he will closely monitor his recovery.

There is also a possibility that the game could be postponed due to rain or rescheduled as a doubleheader, so Kwak-Bin’s appearance on the 22nd could not be confirmed. There is also a possibility that Choi Won-jun will return on the 19th against Jamsil NC, so the starting rotation may be flexible.

Even so, Kwak-Bin needs to regain his form. His arms sometimes sag, his left shoulder or hips open prematurely. This means that he’s using unnecessary motion to exert force or generate more ball movement. He’s still a young pitcher, so he hasn”t established his pitching mechanics. He needs to learn from this experience to become more consistent and reliable.

After pitching an impressive eight innings of four-hit shutout ball against SSG on May 25, he was unable to add to the win. He was perfect with six scoreless innings against LG, but failed to record a win, and his first start in September, against KIA on the 6th, resulted in six runs in 3.1 innings. It’s an understandable roller coaster considering he’s a young pitcher who is affected by atmosphere, momentum, etc.

He’s had two bad outings in a row, so there’s hope that he’ll bounce back in his next start. Win or lose, it’s important to pitch well and convince yourself. The best-case scenario is to regain my form on the 17th and extend the team’s postseason hopes on the 22nd at Daegu Samsung Electronics.메이저사이트

Lee would also like to present Kwak-Bin as a young ace to Ryu Joong-il, who has been struggling to assemble a pitching staff due to injuries and poor performances. In many ways, Kwak’s resurgence has become an obligation. He must overcome this pressure to become a part of Doosan’s present, not its future.

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