Shin Dong-bin, the owner of Lotte Group, gave a big gift to the Lotte Giants team, which is causing a huge sensation at the beginning of the season.

A Lotte official said on the 6th, “The owner of Shin Dong-bin gave encouragement to the Lotte Giants.” This gift was given as an encouragement to the Lotte Giants for causing a great sensation at the beginning of the season.

Lotte had a bad start at the beginning of this season. However, starting with the Sajik KIA Tigers match on the 20th of last month and ending with the Kiwoom Heroes on the 30th, April ended April with an 8-game winning streak. Lotte’s solo 1st place has been 3949 days since July 7, 2012.

Lotte succeeded in maintaining good momentum until the first game in May, and won 9 consecutive wins by defeating KIA, which they met again in Gwangju on the 2nd. Lotte’s 9-game winning streak was 5,383 days after the Samsung Lions match on August 30, 2008, and at that time, Lotte recorded 11 consecutive wins, the club’s most consecutive wins.토스카지노

Owner Shin Dong-bin gave gifts to the batting ball pitcher and bullpen catcher who help with interpreting and training as well as the team and coaching staff who are promoting based on good performance from the beginning of the season. As a gift from owner Shin Dong-bin, he could choose between ‘Dyson Airwrap Complete Long’ and ‘AirPod Pro Max’, and he even delivered a ‘letter’ containing encouragement.

The letter said, ‘Thank you, Lotte Giants players. Just like now, throw, hit, and run without regret with faith and confidence in ‘One Power’.

Kim Won-joong, who chose the ‘Dyson Airwrap Complete Long’, said, “It was an opportunity for me to feel once again that the owner has a deep interest in and care for our team.” I will do my best to make it possible,” he promised.

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