KIA Tigers rookie pitcher Yoon Young-chul (19) showed his presence. 

Yoon Young-chul started the match against the Samsung Lions at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 21st and recorded 5 hits, 3 walks, 2 strikeouts and 2 runs in 4⅓ innings. He held it scoreless until the 4th inning, but was forced to face a crisis in the 5th inning and failed to win the first game. 

In his debut match with Kiwoom on the 15th, it was sluggish, giving only 5 points in the first inning. Due to the tension and burden of his first game, his control was not properly executed. 

Before the game, coach Kim Jong-guk said, “In the first inning of the Kiwoom match, Lee Yong-gyu, the first batter, hit me hard and I couldn’t come to my senses.  토토사이트

He continued, “Still, from the second inning, I came to my senses and followed my pitching plan. I have guts. I have a solid baseball view and my pitching mechanic is certain, so I won’t collapse too much. I’m not a pitcher whose pitches are shaken.” 

The first episode seemed to recreate a nightmare, but I passed it safely. Koo Ja-wook had a heavy hit, Kim Ji-chan walked, and Pirella had a left-handed hit. The reason why the run was avoided was that Ja-wook Koo was out while stealing bases. After the second death, Lee Won-seok was sent out on a walk and faced a crisis with a full base, but Oh Jae-il was blocked with a floating ball by second baseman and swept his heart.

In the second inning, Song Joon-seok allowed a heavy hit and Koo Ja-wook to walk, but it was also passed without a run. In the 3rd episode, the cleanup trio of Pirella, Kang Min-ho, and Lee Won-seok was lightly blocked by a tripartite retreat. Four times, it was a three-way offense. He used the wide strike zone and threw every pitch he wanted.  

In the 5th inning, the third baseman handled the first batter Kim Seong-yoon’s surprise bunt well. However, he was beaten with a right-hand double from the good Ja-Wook Koo and a hit that passed the height of the shortstop to Ji-Chan Kim. Follow-up pitcher Lim Ki-young allowed two successor runners to score, resulting in Yoon Young-cheol’s run. 

He sweated in the beginning, but showed his ability. He used a maximum of 139km fastball (38) and slider (39), as well as changeup (13) and curve (1). It was the second appearance, which was expected for the next game. /

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