There were players who were considering transferring.

On the 27th (Korean time), Tottenham Hotspur reported on the official channel that they had terminated the contract with manager Antonio Conte under mutual agreement. Conte’s vacancy will be filled by assistant coach Christian Stellini.

The press conference against Southampton became the cause. At the time, coach Conte pointed out that there are selfish players among Tottenham players, and his lack of professionalism. Since then, reports have emerged of players expressing joy at Conte’s departure, hinting at a feud between the Tottenham squad and manager Conte. 메이저놀이터

It is known that there were players who thought about leaving the team because of manager Conte. Britain’s ‘Metro’ said, “According to local Argentinian reports, Christian Romero and Richarli Song were considering leaving the team if manager Conte remains at Tottenham.” What the media cited as evidence was an interview with Gaston Edul, an Argentine journalist who has a close relationship with the Argentine national team players.

‘Metro’ explained, “Edul, who maintains a close relationship with the national team players, revealed that Romero and Richarlison would have weighed their future at Tottenham if they had decided to join Conte.”

“The relationship between coach Conte and the Tottenham squad was very bad,” Edul told Argentinian media Tyc Sports. “I was thinking again about staying at Tottenham if I did. As far as I know Richarlison was going through the same thing.”

It was also mentioned that there was a feud between Conte and the two players. “It’s because Conte treated the players badly in public as well as privately,” Edul said. “he added.

Among the two players, Richarlison expressed dissatisfaction that Conte did not appoint him as a starter in an interview after the second leg of the European Champions League (UCL) round of 16 against AC Milan. Conte said at a press conference afterward that he had received an apology from Richarli Song, but he also pointed out that Richarli Song’s actions were selfish.

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