SSG Kim Gwang-hyeon (35), who had been bullying with verbal abuse, disappeared. He turned into a finesse pitcher. However, the majesty of the big game pitcher remained the same. Kim Kwang-hyun was Kim Kwang-hyun.

Kim Gwang-hyun started the regular season match against the Lotte Giants in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held in Sajikguja, Busan on the 20th and led the team to a 5-0 victory with 6 innings, 1 hit, 4 walks, 9 strikeouts and no runs. With this victory, SSG calmed down the momentum of ‘Top De’. It brought Lotte down from the top spot. 

Kim Gwang-hyun recently changed his power pitcher style, which puts opponents to sleep with pitches. On this day, too, he used more breaking pitches. He threw 19 fastballs that took up to 146 km. Instead, he used 36 sliders, 20 changeups, and 13 curveballs, completely disrupting the timing of Lotte batters.

After the game, Kim Gwang-hyun said, “Today’s first pitch strike rate was very good. He also caught strikes well with his breaking ball. He said, “I did well in the power analysis today and the control was good,” he said. So it was the same in power analysis, and it worked for me that I used a lot of breaking balls.”

Recently, Lotte’s momentum has been surprising. Even in the game the previous day (19th), Lotte raised its momentum by digging into SSG in detail. And this momentum led to a full crowd of fans. However, in front of Kim Gwang-hyun’s perfect pitch, the crowd of 22,990 people who resigned had no choice but to be silent.

Kim Gwang-hyun said, “Lotte’s momentum has been great recently. But still, it seems that Lotte’s momentum has been somewhat broken with a scoreless victory today. I hope this atmosphere flows in a good direction tomorrow as well.”토토사이트

Regarding the cheers of Sajik Stadium on this day, “Actually, I can’t hear it well when I’m on the mound. I hear it when I come down and I hear it when I go up,” he said. Even then, there were many good memories. So today was fun.” On this day, Kim Gwang-hyun continued his 11-game winning streak against Lotte, which began on May 27, 2015. 

In addition, he expressed his gratitude to the 400 SSG fans who were seated in the camellia waves at Sajik Stadium. He said, “In fact, our fans must have been very depressed. But still, you cheered me on today. Our players also played well, so the game went well. Now, next time in Incheon, we want to take revenge.” 

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