On the 11th, the 2023 Korea Tennis Association regular general meeting was held at Yuseong Hotel in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon. Korea Tennis Association President Jeong Hee-kyun and delegates representing each region and federation attended the general meeting and freely exchanged opinions for the development of tennis in Korea. 

After the national ceremony, the report agenda and the deliberation agenda were divided and announced. In the report agenda, the minutes of the previous meeting in 2022, the results of the regular audit in 2022, and the business plan and budget report in 2023 were carried out in the order.

In particular, on the 28th of last month, as a result of the deliberation on the designation of the management organization of the Korea Secondary Tennis Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Secondary School Federation), which was the main agenda of the first board meeting, it was decided to delegate the composition of the management committee to Chairman Chung.

The association judged that the federation did not faithfully fulfill its duties as a federation, such as violation of regulations, concealment of misconduct, negligent management, violation of subsidy management laws, and accounting irregularities, and the Accounting Officer (Secretary General) was charged with subsidy embezzlement and other charges. As a result, it was judged that the status of the association, a higher organization, was seriously infringed by the fall in the external image of the federation, and that there were difficulties in carrying out various projects, and explained the reason for designating it as a management organization. 

As a result, all rights and authority of the Federation of Secondary Schools were immediately suspended, and the management committee of the association took over overall tasks of the Federation of Secondary Schools. In addition, as a result, the approval of the second-hand federation competition was suspended in the 2023 business plan, and the second-hand federation delegates did not attend this general meeting. 

In the subsequent deliberation agenda, the contents of the 2022 business results and settlement report, the revision of the articles of incorporation, the composition of the Sports Fair Committee, and the financial independence fund were raised for deliberation.  스포츠토토

Lastly, as for other matters, it was announced that the host organization of the ‘National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Tennis Championships’, one of the government-named competitions in Korea, was changed from the Middle School Federation to the Association. 

The association conducted an evaluation of the 2022 government title contest at the Korea Sports Council, but the middle school federation did not submit evaluation data at all, and reported that it received a lower evaluation out of a total of 93 events. Accordingly, from 2023, the governing body of the government title contest is all operated directly by the association. It was decided to do

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