DGB Daegu Bank Park, the only space in the K-League that records ‘sold out’… Hidden stories behind Children’s Day sold outDaegu FC, the first home game on Children’s Day since the opening of DGB Daegu Bank Park, has already sold out for the second time this season, and many spectators are expected. Because of the rain, it is questionable whether it will exceed the record of 12,253 spectators at the opening of DGB Daegu Bank Park in the last match against Jeonbuk Hyundai.

Still, another sold-out record means a lot. It is 토토사이트 said that the sold-out recorded in this confrontation with Ulsan Hyundai had many twists and turns. Daegu MBC Sports Plus tells the story behind Daegu FC’s 2nd sell-out.

A head-to-head confrontation with Ulsan, the leader in SKYPASS pre-booking
, and a highly anticipated Children’s Day home game, Daegu FC will start pre-booking on April 26th through SKYPASS, a pre-booking ticket. However, in this process, an improper transaction occurred in the online marketplace related to the away ticket. Fans and Daegu FC clubs who sensed this will cancel related advance tickets. However, in the process of canceling an expedition ticket that had an inappropriate transaction, an accident occurred in which the company in charge of booking canceled all other general reservation tickets, causing great confusion to existing reservation holders.

As a result, on the afternoon of the 27th, Daegu FC and ticket trading companies were flooded with complaints, and finally Daegu FC officially apologized for this situation. After the error occurred through the ticket company, Daegu FC managed to extinguish the fire by proceeding with the process of restoring the reservation through individual phone calls to existing reservation holders over two days. I have.

The debacle stemmed from some fan resale of away seats, which were allowed relatively limited seats. To prevent this from happening, Daegu decides to watch the reservations and transactions more closely. It was a situation that showed the rarity of the small but popular ‘Daepak’.

General tickets sold out immediately…
General ticket reservations for the Ulsan Hyundai War, which went through twists and turns in the war to secure expeditionary seats, have begun. On April 30th, when the team was leaving for Suwon for an away match against Suwon Samsung, the reservation that started at 2:00 PM was sold out at 3:05 PM. This is the second season and the only record in the K-League. Of course, there may be a structural reason for the small scale of DGB Daegu Bank Park, but Daegu’s football deserves to be evaluated for having the value of ‘scarcity’.

DGB Daegu Bank Park’s sold-out record is already familiar. Daepak, which opened with a great record of selling out 9 times in 2019, the first year of opening, even in the era of Corona 19, sold out 3 times in 2020 and 8 times in 2021 with a record of selling out.

In 2022, I couldn’t see a sellout, but in 2023, after selling out against Jeonbuk on March 19th, until this game against Ulsan, I recorded 2 sold out out of 5 home games this season.

Behind the sold-out record of DGB Daegu Bank Park, there was another small commotion. In Daepak, which has a total of 12,400 seats, the standard for expedition seats is 5% of the total seats, or about 620 seats. However, for safety reasons, the expedition seats were assigned to separate seats.

N5 seats are usually designated as expedition seats, but the size of these seats is 574 seats, which is about 40 seats short of the baseline of 5%. Ulsan fans’ dissatisfaction and criticism about this led to the federation, and the federation also asked Daegu to secure seats to abide by the rules.

Daegu FC came up with an answer that it would continue to worry about keeping the rules along with the point of being an unavoidable choice to secure space for the safety of away fans. Of course, there would have been a way to open more seats with N4, etc., but in that case, more dead seats would have occurred for safety.

And this wouldn’t have been an appropriate choice for Children’s Day, which sold out quickly. It could also be a risky move for safety reasons. The point where you can see the value of Daepak, which is so rare, and the power of Daepak can be felt even in the heat of advance ticket sales.

Daegu FC and DGB Daegu Bank Park, which watch an average of 10,000 spectators per game, – Excluding the match against Gwangju, which actually recorded 7,000 spectators, more than 10,000 spectators visited this season. This is the power of space that makes you feel the flavor of European football. Children’s Day at DGB Daegu Bank Park is enriched with various events and commemoration of Ko Jae-hyun’s 100 K-League matches. However, I am worried about the rain that is predicted to be thick. Will interest in the K-League, passion for football, love for Daegu FC, and the power of the space called Daepak create another spectacle for Children’s Day when it rains? There’s not much time left until kickoff.

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