Competition among Tottenham strikers is intensifying. 

With Arnaut Danjuma joining through the transfer market in January, five players compete for three offensive positions. Striker Harry Kane is an undisputed starter. Son Heung-min, who won the top scorer in the English Premier League (EPL) last season, was also always listed in the starting lineup.

However, the recent atmosphere is different. As the slump continued, public opinion was formed that he should be excluded from the selection. Moreover, it was expected that Son Heung-min’s position would change as Danjuma, whose positions overlap, joined. 

However, Gabriel Agbonlaher, a soccer expert who has played in the EPL in the past, has a different idea. Hisharlisson, not Son Heung-min, expressed the view that he could become a victim of joining Danjuma. 바카라

Agbonlaher said on the 2nd (Korean time) through the British media Football Insider, “I think Danjuma is a great contract.” “Hischarlisson needs competition. (Going forward) I can’t think of him as always being the first player off the bench.”

His Charles Lee Song has played 13 games this season. 5 of them were selected. Tottenham manager Antonio Conte uses a three-top team consisting of Son Heung-min, Kane and Dejan Kulusevski. Hischarlisson often took on the role of changing the atmosphere by stepping on the pitch in the second half. 

Agbonlaher said, “If Kulusevski, Kane, and Son Heung-min are the starters, Hischarlisson may have become too comfortable with the role of replacing them.” “He has to change his mind. It’s February, and there are no goals in the EPL. He pointed out that even if he is injured, it is not enough.”

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