Rumor has it that Tottenham Hotspur are interested in Harry Maguire.

England’s ‘Football Transfer’ said on the 19th (Korean time), “Sources told us that Maguire could move to Tottenham or West Ham United in the summer. It was about to be pushed by Shaw and plans to transfer. Man United wants Maguire to leave. I think he will allow the transfer for 40 million pounds (about 66.1 billion won).”

Maguire is a Manchester United nuisance. Maguire, who made his name known at Hull City, went to Leicester City and boasted insane defensive power, becoming the best center back in the English Premier League (EPL) and the main defender of the England national team. In 2019, Man United paid a whopping £80 million (about 132.2 billion won) to embrace Maguire. Maguire, who came to Manchester United at an unprecedented transfer fee, was responsible for the rear for a while.

He was exonerated even when Manchester United were sluggish with his iron-clad physicality and excellent defensive skills. He also showed off his steel stamina. Then, gradually revealing physical problems and suffering injuries, Maguire fell into a slump. Every time he came out, he made mistakes. There was no sense of security that he had previously shown. When manager Ten Hach, who values ​​build-up and movement, came, Maguire only revealed his flaws.

In the end, Lisandro Martinez and Raphael Varane were pushed back. Maguire, who lost the trust of coach Ten Hagh and Manchester United fans, had lost his confidence and was unable to create a chance for a rebound. Maguire, who has been classified as a target for sale, is likely to transfer this summer. It is a de facto release.

Manchester United is close to signing Kim Min-jae. He has already found a replacement for Maguire. It’s like saying that Maguire’s departure from Manchester United this summer is a fait accompli.토토사이트

It is surprising that Tottenham showed interest. Tottenham’s defense is a mess. This season, he conceded 59 points in 36 English Premier League (EPL) games, which is the 6th most conceded goal in the team. They are on the same level as the relegation zone teams. The overall defensive organization is not good, but the performance of individual players is also the worst. Eric Dyer should be centered, but he is not the best, and Christian Romero and Clement Langle are also below expectations.

Recruiting a centre-back is a top priority this summer. We need a top-notch center back to hold the center. While Aymeric Laporte and others were mentioned, Maguire was also mentioned. It is doubtful whether Maguire fits the center back that Tottenham wants. He has a lot of experience and has shown his ability for a long time, but looking at his recent performance, he is no different from Dyer.

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