After giving up a whopping 25 runs in one game, the Colorado Rockies summoned their 19th-century ancestors as they rallied from a big deficit to take the series.

The Rockies hosted the Los Angeles Angels for a three-game series at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, on April 24-26온라인카지노.

The Rockies won the three-game series. However, the Rockies gave up 32 runs while scoring 12. That’s a run differential of -20.

According to ESPN, Colorado’s -20 run differential is the largest since the Louisville Kernels in 1897.

Back then, Louisville won the series despite being -23. Louisville had Hall of Famer Honus Wagner as a rookie at the time.

Colorado won Game 1 on the 24th, 7-4. So far, so good. However, Colorado was blown out 1-25 in game two on the 25th.

The Rockies scored two runs in the second inning, followed by 13 in the third and eight in the fourth. They only managed to score one run against an Angels’ mound that would have been difficult to stay focused on.

But Colorado won Game 3 4-3 on the 26th. The Angels bats went cold a day after scoring 25 runs the day before.

As a result, Colorado won the best-of-three series 2-1 despite posting a -20 run differential. The Angels, on the other hand, had to settle for one win and two losses thanks to a sputtering offense.

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