Japanese J-League prestigious Urawa Reds coach Machiei Skorza showed his will to win the 2022 AFC Champions League by defeating Saudi Arabia’s prestigious Al Hilal.

Urawa, led by coach Skorza, is ahead of Al-Hilal in the second round of the 2022 AFC Champions League Final scheduled for 6:00 p.m. at Saitama Stadium 2002. Urawa, who drew 1-1 in the first round of the finals at King Fahd National Stadium in Riyadh, showed their will to win this return match, which will be held at home.

“Our goal is to win this game. The first leg result in Riyadh wasn’t bad,” Skorza said at a press conference before the match. revealed

Skorza has received some pretty aggressive questions from the Saudi Arabian media. One Saudi Arabian media said, “Why didn’t you attack aggressively in the first game?온라인카지노

Then, coach Skorza praised Al-Hilal’s attack power and took it lightly. “Al-Hilal scored 7 goals in the semi-finals. He also scored 3 goals against Real Madrid in the FIFA Club World Cup. We need to fight against the opponent’s strengths like this,” Skorza pointed out. “I tried not to give the opponent space, but defense wasn’t the goal,” he said.

Saitama Stadium 2002, home of Urawa, is famous for having the hottest crowd in Asia. Skorza plans to make the most of this environment. Coach Skorza said, “The atmosphere in the stadium is a very important factor. I believe that the fans will fight with us. If they cheer, we will try to leave the final result regardless of the flow of the game. I want to fight together,” and Urawa fans were enthusiastic at home. I asked for support.

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