Kim Ki-dong was pleased with the draw against FC Seoul. He joked about his plans for the transfer market, saying, “Refer to YouTube.

Seoul drew 1-1 with Pohang in the 18th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 6 p.m. on Nov. 11. The two teams split the points. Pohang moved into second place with 31 points, while Seoul remained in third place with 29 points.

Seoul took the lead in the 37th minute of the first half on a fantastic winding kick by Hwang Eui-jo. Pohang came out all guns blazing in the second half and equalized with a header from Ha Chang-rae in stoppage time.

After the match, head coach Kim Ki-dong said, “We played a dominant game against Seoul, who had a full roster of national team players. It went according to plan, but we conceded in the first half. If we hadn’t conceded, it would have gone according to plan. It was an individual error, so we couldn’t do anything about it. In the second half, we created a situation where we could make up for it. I’m grateful to the players who didn’t give up and prevented a defeat away from home. I think that’s the Pohang spirit.”

When asked what he talked about before the second half, he said, “The younger players were playing, so they were under pressure to receive the ball. Seung-mo came in and adjusted his position. When Na Sang-ho came in, it opened up a lot of space. Wandelsson tried to get in there. Seoul is a team with quick line control, but because we were stuck there, we couldn’t exploit the space between the defense and the forwards. We practiced Go Young-joon and Zeca getting into the space, and it worked well, and I think we made it difficult for them with our crosses.”

On the draw, he said, “It’s okay. We’re playing a game where the players are having fun and the fans are happy. If we keep winning, we’re a championship team.”

On the theater goal for the second game in a row: “Last time, I said I was old for 90 minutes. Today, I thought the things we ordered in the second half worked and we only needed one goal. When it didn’t happen, I got impatient. From a manager’s point of view, I wanted to make a decision quickly and play comfortably. What can I say, you have to enjoy this,” he laughed.토토사이트

On his plans to reinforce the squad before the break, he said: “We need to reinforce the players during the break. Three players will be reinforced. Jung Jae-hee, Kim Jong-woo, and Shim Sang-min. I think it’s a comeback at this point. Even without them, the players are doing their jobs. Wandelsson is also playing as a side-back because Sang-min is injured. I’m grateful that they’re doing well. I think he needs to rest first and then we will prepare again.”

When asked again about his plans for the transfer market, he replied, “YouTube is faster than me, I haven’t heard anything yet,” and ended the interview.

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