Genius wrestler’ Choi Seong-hwan (31, Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team) calmed down the youthful blood and conquered the Halla Sands for the 11th time in his personal career.

Choi Seong-hwan defeated Park Min-gyo (21, Yongin Special City Hall) 3-1 in the 2023 Mungyeong Business Ssireum Competition Halla Jangsa (under 105kg) final match (5 out of 3 wins) held at Mungyeong Gymnasium in Gyeongbuk on the 26th and won the championship. Choi Seong-hwan, who rose to the Halla market at the Chuseok competition in September after being discharged from the military last year, returned to the top in five months. This is the 11th Halla Merchant title in his personal career. 메이저놀이터

Choi Seong-hwan took first two rounds in the final match against Park Min-gyo, who had been aiming for the top spot with 2 matches and 3 matches since her debut in folk wrestling last year. He gave up the third round because he felt sick to the field keeper, but responded with the fourth plate as the field keeper and confirmed the victory.

In fact, the highlights of the Halla class match that day were the quarterfinals and semifinals. Choi Seong-hwan clashed with Kim Moo-ho (20, Ulju-gun Office), who won the Halla class twice during his rookie season last year. Kim Moo-ho, along with Cha Min-soo, is an emerging powerhouse who is blowing new energy into the Halla Sands. Choi Seong-hwan, who gave the first game with a snatcher, won the second game with a field captain who showed flexibility at the end of a long game and balanced it, and then won the third game by pushing back the field captain. For Choi Seong-hwan, he avenged his defeat in the quarterfinals of the Cheonhajangsa Tournament in three months.

In the semifinals, he met Cha Min-soo (22), a college junior and college junior. Cha Min-soo was another rising powerhouse who reached the top of the Halla class three times last year and conquered the Lunar New Year’s Day competition this year. In particular, Cha Min-soo was aiming for four consecutive championships following the Ansan competition in October last year, the Cheonhajangsa competition in November, and the Lunar New Year’s Day competition this year.

Choi Seong-hwan, who exchanged one round with Cha Min-soo as a lightning-like jabber and a field keeper, made full use of the field keeper in the third and last round, laying Min-soo Cha on the sand and winning the final ticket.

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