The Golden State Warriors-LA Lakers match in the Western Conference semifinals is the highlight of the 2023 NBA Playoffs.

The Warriors are the defending champions, and the Lakers are the most prestigious team in the NBA with 17 winning banners. The Warriors have Stephen Curry, and the Lakers have superstar LeBron James. It is as difficult as picking stars in the sky.

The average PO of the two teams at the Warriors Chase Center and the Lakers Arena exceeds 1 million won. Courtside is over $10,000. In Hanwha, a ticket costs 130 million won. Watching the game itself is a privilege and symbolizes wealth. However, there is a difference between Chase Center and Arena. Celebrity is a celebrity.

In fact, the reason why the Warriors gave up the good Oracle Arena in Oakland and built the Chase Center in downtown San Francisco, a land of gold, was to attract the rich young people of Silicon Valley to the court. The construction cost of the Chase Center, which opened in September 2019, alone is 1.4 billion dollars (1.8502 trillion won). It is an arena, not a baseball or football field.

The fans who dominate the Warriors’ courtside are very young. They are newly rich people who made a fortune in software in Silicon Valley. But the general public doesn’t know. not a celebrity Arena, located along Hollywood, is crowded with celebrities. Among the Lakers’ courtside, season tickets are difficult to obtain even with a lot of money.온라인카지노

Patrick Soon-Shiong, who rarely visited the basketball court because he was busy with the LA Times newspaper these days, had a regular season ticket that was pushed back in the middle, although he refused. Soon-Shiong, who was rejected for developing a new drug, is now the owner of the LA Times.

Even in the 4th game on the 9th, a large number of celebrities appeared without fail. Lakers die-hard fan Jack Nicholson, Jurassic Park star Chris Pratt, and two-time Oscar-winning actor Dustin Hoffman. Model Kim Kardashian, fashion designer Melody Isani, reality TV presenter Kris Jenner, heavy metal Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Plea, and other celebrities that can only be seen at the Arena came out.

Since a large number of celebrities watch the games, the Lakers are the most difficult place to issue passes for photographers.

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