“Lotte Giants are dreaming of a leap forward. Wouldn’t it be nice to look forward to this year?”

7-10-7-8-8. This is the ranking of the Lotte Giants for the last 5 years. Even if the range is extended to 10 years, it has only entered fall baseball once in 2017 (3rd place in the regular season).

Can we really look forward to this year? Confidence overflows at the Lotte Spring Camp in Guam.

Three free agents, Noh Jin-hyeok, Yoo Gang-nam, and Han Hyeon-hee, stand out the most, but a number of veterans such as Cha Woo-chan and Kim Sang-soo, and new coaches such as Bae Young-soo, Choi Gyeong-cheol, and Kim Hyun-wook have also been strengthened. In his first meeting with reporters on the 11th, coach Larry Sutton said, “It has been a process of putting the puzzle together. This year is different. My goal is to finish in the top 3.”

The coaches and players are cautiously making a ‘chance to win’. It is not empty words that come out during the spring camp season, but confidence with a reason.

There is another power factor. Former Samsung Lions coach Heo Sam-young, who is considered the best power analysis ability in Korea. In August, he laid down the baton at Samsung, and in December joined Lotte as a power analysis coordinator. It’s a huge challenge.

He also serves as a power analysis agent for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team. Coordinator Heo smiled, saying, “I am busy doing Lotte during the day and WBC power analysis at night.” 온라인바카라

“The team called Lotte that I have seen so far and this year’s Lotte have a distinctly different feel from the past. Now is the time when the capabilities that have been built up so far are bursting out. The team color that you feel through your skin must have changed a lot.”

Regarding the ‘power analysis’, coordinator Huh explained, “Everyone on the team is sweating on the ground for a first win. It is to give confidence for victory through good feedback there.”

How much is Lotte’s power as seen through the eyes of a power analyst? Is it possible to win the fall baseball game? Asked a straight-forward question.

“In the end, isn’t it the key to riding and maintaining a good flow? I think that the power to produce a certain performance and the power to ride that flow are enough. The season management is, after all, solid pitching power, and the pitching staff is solidly equipped in terms of quantity and quality. The key is to become a team that does not collapse easily, a team that has firm faith with the goal of winning.”

In the end, this year’s results depended on tight organizational skills, the ‘One Team’ that Sutton emphasized, and the ‘Family Giants’ atmosphere. Coordinator Heo has been working with coach Bae Young-soo since his days at Samsung, and will be with him at the WBC this time. Coordinator Heo emphasized, “I hope Lotte players will learn a lot from Coach Bae’s fighting spirit, flaming confidence, and strong mentality on the mound.”

“The existing players have grown well, and now we just have to show them off. I’m paying attention to veterans like Kim Sang-soo, Shin Jeong-rak, Yoon Myung-joon, and Cha Woo-chan. 144 games is a very long and rough road. “It’s necessary. I think they’ll play a good role in the middle. These players don’t have to rush. The most important thing is to show their performance when the team is in trouble.”

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