It has been reported that Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola will not leave the team immediately.

The situation at Manchester City is confusing. Manchester City were charged with violating Financial Fair Play (FFP) by the English Premier League (EPL) Secretariat on the 6th (Korean time). Over 100 rules have been violated in 9 seasons, and an investigation will be conducted.

A point reduction is possible if an investigation by the Premier League Secretariat proves that Manchester City have breached the rules. It was also reported that in the worst case, he could be expelled from the Premier League. At the time of expulsion, amateur league relegation may also occur because you cannot participate in the EPL, which consists of the 1st to 4th divisions.

In this situation, Guardiola’s past remarks drew attention. “The club told me everything,” Guardiola said in 2020 when Manchester City faced allegations like this one. If the content is false, I will leave the team immediately,” revealing his faith in Man City. 안전놀이터

With reports that Guardiola wants to leave the team, Alan Hutton revealed his thoughts to England’s ‘Football Insider’. “Guardiola is not going to leave now,” Hutton said. There are many steps to take to investigate the allegations against Manchester City. There is no reason to leave now.”

In fact, many British media also said that it would take a lot of time to find out whether the allegations were true or not. It is predicted that the process will be a long-term battle as all over 100 charges must be proven.

“Of course, if Manchester City’s violations come to light later, they can leave the team,” Hutton said. If Guardiola really didn’t know anything about the problem, he wouldn’t be able to either. Guardiola takes his convictions seriously. I am sure he will choose to part ways if Manchester City have done the wrong thing.”

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