Newly joined Hanwha Eagles head coach Lee Dae-jin (49) revealed his aspirations.

Hanwha has entrusted the head coach position to a foreign coach for the past two years. Darrell Kennedy, the base and operations coach, and former head coach Wes Clements assisted head coach Carlos Subero.

Communication with the coach and players was not difficult, but there were also disadvantages. Comparatively, the understanding of the KBO league was inevitably less than that of domestic coaches.

For this reason, the new general manager Sohn Hyuk held a meeting with head coach Subero at the same time as he took office, discussed the appointment of a domestic head coach, and appointed head coach Lee Dae-jin.

Hanwha said, “It was a quick recruitment,” and explained, “Communication between head coach Subero and head coach Lee Dae-jin is going smoothly through the final camp and this spring camp.”

Coach Lee Dae-jin is a right-handed pitcher who debuted with Haitai in 1993 and won 100 wins in the KBO League. He won a Golden Glove in 1997, and was ranked first in strikeouts twice in 1995 and 1998. In particular, his 10 strikeouts in a row, achieved in Incheon Hyundai on May 14, 1998, is a record that is still unbroken.

Head coach Lee is working hard to promote harmony among the coaching staff and play a role as a bridge between the team and the coaching staff at the spring camp currently being held in Arizona, USA.

Head coach Lee Dae-jin explained the reason for accepting the head coach’s offer through the club, saying, “I had a lot of worries after receiving the offer from general manager Son Hyuk, but I thought experiencing the season with a foreign coach was an opportunity for personal development.”

“I was able to prepare for my current role by learning many things from many head coaches, both as a player and as a coach. I wanted to experience the position of head coach at least once, and I believe that building a team as a head coach will be a valuable experience for me.” I’m thinking about it, and I’m enjoying my life,” he added.

Until now, head coach Lee had mainly worked as a pitching coach and worked hard to develop pitchers. This is my first experience as head coach.

He said, “I always went through spring camp as a pitching coach, but as the head coach for the first time in my life, it was awkward and new. When I was a pitching coach, I only had to worry about the pitcher, but I definitely had to pay attention to all the training, so I was busy moving around the stadium. Basically, training “I play the role of finding supplementary points and sharing the contents while watching the game. I also look at the players and check the attitude and atmosphere in training.”

So far, there is no problem between coach Subero and the coaching staff in terms of ‘communication’. 안전놀이터

Head coach Lee said, “I’m communicating a lot with the coach, but I can see that the coach is trying to listen. Unlike the foreign head coaches I’ve been with, I have a lot of knowledge about Korean baseball, so he asked me to actively talk about anything, so I often visit him and talk. He said, “When you go through camp, there will come a time when the players are stressed and struggling, and at that time, I have a lot of conversations with the coaches so that the players can create a good atmosphere.”

Lastly, Head Coach Lee said, “I am also communicating with the general manager, but he trusts me and entrusts me with the field. In order for the Hanwha Eagles to become a strong team, I will communicate well with the head coach, coaches, and players so that we can conduct a successful camp.” he said forcefully

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