“It’s great for us to have players of this caliber coming to Cardiff, including Ben Davies’ Tottenham teammate Son Heung-min.”

Welsh Football Association President Noel Mooney is looking forward to the first A-League match against Klinsmann’s men.

On Sept. 29, the KFA announced that the national team will play an away friendly against Wales at Cardiff City Stadium in Wales on Sept. 7. It will be the first time the national team has traveled to Europe in five and a half years, having traveled to Northern Ireland and Poland in March 2018.

There are some unusual viewing points for Son Heung-min fans. The ‘Tottenham best friend’ derby is a done deal. The South Korean national soccer team star is a member of the “Welsh Mafia” at Tottenham and has developed a close friendship with Welsh players such as Gareth Bale, Joe Rodden and Ben Davies. They’ve done ‘WM’ goal celebrations together and bonded over post-match meals in Korean restaurants. Ben Davies confirmed their friendship, saying, “I’m best friends with Rodney, Eric Dier, and Son Heung-min at Tottenham.” “He’s like a Welshman to us,” said ‘Welsh legend’ Gareth Bale. He’s the fourth member of the Welsh Mafia (after Bale, Roden, and Davies),” he said. Bale has announced his retirement, but Davies and Rodon are likely to play. Aaron Ramsey is also expected to return.토토사이트

The friendly between South Korea and Wales is a test for the Welsh just four days before they travel to Latvia for their Euro2024 qualifier. “With a lot of teams tied up in Euro qualifying, it’s not always easy to get a strong opponent in a friendly,” Welsh Football Association chief executive Mooney told The Sun. “It’s great for us to have so many quality players coming to Cardiff, including Ben Davies’ Tottenham teammate Son Heung-min.” “South Korea did really well at the World Cup, reaching the round of 16. It’s important that we continue to test ourselves by playing different styles of soccer,” he said, expressing his excitement for the game. “South Korea will give us a really exciting opportunity to see some new football. I’m sure there will be plenty of Welsh fans in attendance to cheer on the team before they travel to Euro2024.”

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