“I’m not picking them on name recognition, I’m picking them on 100 percent performance.”

Colin Bell, 61, England, spoke to reporters at the National Training Center (NFC) in Paju on Monday morning ahead of the final call-up training session for the World Cup. He said he would give every player a chance, but only those who perform well would be included in the final roster.

Bell’s women’s soccer team is in full swing at the NFC in Paju with a month to go before the Women’s World Cup in New Zealand and Australia. The Belles will travel to Australia with a finalized 23-man roster after their opener against Haiti on March 8.

Bell made an unorthodox choice to include Kwon Da-eun and Won Ju-eun (Ulsan Hyundai High School), who both play for the U-16 Women’s National Team, and 2007-born Casey Eugene Fair (Players Development), a mixed-race player, in the final roster, as a sign that he wants to give everyone a chance.

“There are three main reasons why I chose these players,” Bell said, “one, energy, two, hunger, and three, to breathe new life into the national team. “We wanted to bring in these younger players and introduce them to new experiences and environments, and we wanted to create an opportunity for the older players on the roster to be motivated,” he explains.

“The emphasis on experience doesn’t mean that these players don’t have a chance to play in the Women’s World Cup. We’re going to give them a chance to make an impression, and if they make a good impression, they can make the final roster.” “If they don’t, we can also use this as an experience to introduce them to resources for the future. “If they don’t make it, we can also use it as an experience to introduce them to resources for the future.

“The final roster is not going to be based on names, it’s going to be based on 100% performance. Just because they’re young doesn’t mean they’re not good enough. Players who are at 100 percent will make the final roster,” he emphasized, adding, “The door is always open. If there’s an injury along the way, or if there’s an alternate selection due to other issues, the door is wide open for all players.”

When asked what he was looking for in players to show to make the final roster, Bell said, “We need players who have the ability to be aggressive, the ability to think and make quick decisions, and lastly, the ability to play 100 minutes or more of intensity, because these days, not all games end at 90 minutes, but there’s a lot of extra time, 95 minutes, 98 minutes, 100 minutes. You need players who have the ability to extract the intensity needed for a 100-minute game.”토토사이트

“The other thing about concentration is that you have to be able to play 100 minutes of high intensity and maintain that concentration all the way through. It’s important to communicate smartly and cleverly, and it’s important to think, judge, and execute quickly when you’re playing, but the next step is the ability to execute those good thoughts and quick judgments at high intensity in a limited amount of time, and how often those things come up in a game.”

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