I wonder how New York Mets owner Steve Cohen is feeling right now after paying his aging pitchers an average of $43 million a year? Max Scherzer, 39, and Justin Verlander, 40, have fallen apart.

The New York Mets played a three-game series at Truiste Park in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 7-9.

After a 4-6 loss on the first day, the Mets sent out Scherzer and Verlander on the eighth and ninth, hoping for a sweep, but the result was the opposite. The Mets dropped all three games.

The Mets couldn’t overcome Scherzer’s 5 2/3 innings, 11-hit, five-run outing on Aug. 8 and fell 5-7.

The Mets also lost 10-13 on Sept. 9, as Spencer Strider had the worst outing of the series, allowing eight runs in four innings, but Verlander also collapsed, giving up five runs (four earned) in three innings.

In the end, the Mets dropped their last three games at home against the Toronto Blue Jays and now this three-game set in Atlanta, snapping a six-game losing streak. Falling to fourth place in the division.

The highly touted Scherzer and Verlander have seen their ERAs soar to 3.71 and 4.85, respectively, after this series against Atlanta. Not a performance worthy of $43 million.

The Mets have had some bad news since before the start of the season, including the departure of closer Edwin Diaz, and the trusted duo of Scherzer and Verlander are falling apart.토토사이트

Of course, the Mets aren’t going to sell based on their current performance. Owner Cohen will invest more this winter, even if the team fails this season.

However, having seen what happened to Scherzer and Verlander, he will likely focus on acquiring Shohei Ohtani, 29, rather than a veteran.

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