Arch of the Lambs.

Doosan sidearm Choi Won-joon was one of the most unlucky pitchers this season until he started against Gocheok Kiwoom on the 16th. He went 6 games without a win and lost 3 with an earned run average of 4.00. Although he earned 16 earned runs in 36 innings, he received too little help from hitters.

According to Doosan, Choi Won-joon received only 1.25 points per game this season. It means that he was not gifted with one timely hit with two RBIs, which is not difficult to see in baseball. In modern baseball, the meaning of a pitcher’s victory has faded a lot, but starting pitchers still have mixed feelings about winning and losing. Even if the starting pitcher fails to throw, if he becomes the winning pitcher, he can prepare for the next game with a smile. On the other hand, it is true that it feels bad to become a losing pitcher even after throwing well.

Choi Won-joon threw well that day with 5 hits, 5 strikeouts, 3 walks and 1 run in 6 innings. And while Choi Won-joon was on the mound, the other line supported 3 points, a total of 3 points. Still not a lot of support, but still more than average for the season. Considering Choi Won-joon’s neat pitching, it would be unfair if he could not be the winning pitcher on a day like this.

Yang Eui-ji, Yang Seok-hwan, and ‘The Arch of the Lambs’ were decisive. Yang Seok-hwan attacked Kiwoom starting pitcher Choi Won-tae’s slider in the 4th inning without a hit and hit the left-handed final two-run four. Yang Eui-ji came out as the lead batter in the 8th inning and hit Kiwoom sidearm Kim Dong-hyuk with a two-seam attack at the end of a 10-pitch battle and a wedge left solo shot. 3 home runs in a row.

The arch of the sheep is the same, but different. Yang Eui-ji’s home run against Jamsil KIA on the 13th and 14th was the result of Yang Eui-ji’s unique ‘tung’ and turning swing. Caster Han Myeong-jae, who relayed the Kiwoom match that day, said, “I turned it carelessly.” Eui-ji Yang turns the bat indifferently. He uses the centrifugal force of the bat to hit it without much effort. A foreign pitcher who has now left the KBO said, “Like a person who doesn’t want to play baseball, he walks out and hits a ball, but all hits, all home runs.”

Yang Seok-hwan is also unique. The heating point is formed considerably in front. Originally, to hit farther, the hit point should go forward. However, hitters say that it is really difficult to change the hitting point, which is almost indistinguishable with the naked eye, just as Lee Jung-hoo failed this year in trying to bring the hitting point forward.

Commentator Lee Soon-chul of SBS Sports, who relayed the Doosan-KIA match on the 12th and 13th, said, “Yang Seok-hwan’s extremely forward swing 토스카지노 is right for me.” The biggest advantage is being able to respond before the breaking ball breaks. However, the back swing, commonly referred to as the arc, is quite large. Somehow, there are weaknesses that are not easy to respond to with precision.

Anyway, Yang Seok-hwan also hit 6 consecutive games including that day. Yang Eui-ji came out of the slump at the beginning of the season. He himself confessed that there was pressure because there were few home runs during the KIA 3 game last weekend. In the reality where foreign hitter Jose Rojas was sluggish, the arch of the lambs became Doosan’s driving force in the middle-ranking fight. It was a bonus that Choi Won-joon, who struggled with 0 wins, laughed.

Yang Seok-hwan said, “I was happy with the home run, but the result at bat later was not good. That part is regrettable. Still, I was able to finish today’s game in a good mood by hitting a hit in the last at-bat. In fact, (Choi) Won-joon is more likely to win than a home run I am even more happy to be able to do it. I will do my best in every game so that the pitchers can throw the ball comfortably.”

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