Kiwoom Heroes ace Ahn Woo-jin (24) announced a record-breaking achievement. 

Ahn Woo-jin started against the NC Dinos held at Changwon NC Park on the 7th and fought hard, recording 2 hits and 1 run in 7 innings. However, with a 0-2 loss due to silence on the batting line, Ahn Woo-jin became the losing pitcher. 

An Woo-jin showed perfect pitching until the 6th inning that day, but one missed pitch was immediately conceded. At the end of the 7th inning, when the score was 0-0, a 156km/h four-seam fastball (fastball) thrown from a full count to lead batter Park Se-hyuk went into the middle and hit a home run.  

In the opening game against the Hanwha Eagles on the 1st, Ahn Woo-jin threw well, recording 5 hits and 2 walks in 6 innings. He came down the mound with the winning pitcher requirements, but the victory was blown as the bullpen allowed the score to be tied 2-2. 안전놀이터

However, Ahn Woo-jin’s Samjin production ability shone. He scored 12, the most in an individual game, in the match against Hanwha, and scored another 12 in the match against NC. After the match against Hanwha on September 1st of last year (10) and against the KIA Tigers on the 13th (10), he once again recorded double-digit strikeouts in two games in a row. It is evaluated that his slider, changeup, and speed control, which utilizes the curve, have improved one step. 

In the match against Hanwha, he struck out 6 with a slider as the deciding ball. In the NC game, there were more strikeouts with a changeup (3) than with a slider (2). He used a variety of pitches to lead a number fight with opponent batters. 

NC has a number of former and current national team players such as Park Gun-woo, Son Ah-seop, and Park Seok-min. Woojin Ahn struck out more than once against all of these opponents. At the end of the 4th inning, he struck out 6 batters in a row, from Park Geon-woo, who was facing one out on 1st base, to Han Seok-hyun, the first batter in the 6th inning. 

Woojin Ahn recorded 224 strikeouts in the 2022 season, exceeding the previous record (223) for the most strikeouts in a season by a domestic player, set by the late Choi Dong-won in 1984. This season, foreign pitcher Ariel Miranda, who played for the Doosan Bears in the 2021 season, has the most strikeouts (225) in a season in the KBO League. An Woo-jin is also not hiding his greed for a new strikeout record. 

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