Reporter Youngjun Ahn = As the obligation to wear a mask indoors is lifted from the 30th, the atmosphere of the volleyball court, which is called the flower of indoor sports in winter, is expected to change. The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) expressed expectations that it could return to the cheering culture before the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), while being cautious that it would follow specific guidelines to be issued in the future.

The government has decided to ease the obligation to wear indoor masks from the 30th by recommendation. However, medical institutions, pharmacies, facilities vulnerable to infection, and public transportation are excluded. 슬롯사이트

As a result, professional volleyball, an indoor sport, does not have to wear a mask in the gym. It is a good thing for KOVO in that fans can cheer more energetically.

A KOVO official said to ‘News 1’, “If you take off the mask, it seems that the sound of fostering and cheering will increase and a lively atmosphere will be created.

Currently, most of the volleyball courts have no restrictions on spectator admission and eating, but masks are compulsory. Some of the players even play wearing masks.

However, when the mask duty is lifted on the 30th, this part can be left autonomously. As it was in the era before Corona 19, you can freely enjoy fostering support and group relief without a mask.

An official from KOVO explained, “In the meantime, each local government has slightly different policies related to Corona 19 quarantine, but now we expect that everything will be normalized.” “We will proceed according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.”

The lifting of the mask wearing obligation will be applied from the match between KGC Ginseng Corporation and Korea Expressway Corporation, Woori Card and KB Insurance, which will be held on the 31st.

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