Second Division striker Yoo Kang-hyun (27, Daejeon Hana Citizen) is not smiling. He still hasn’t scored his first league goal.

Yoo is a talented striker who scored 19 goals for Asan in Chungnam last year. His performance in the second division earned him a spot in promotion side Daejeon. Despite his promising start in a Daejeon jersey, Yoo has yet to score a goal in the league. Twenty-two games into the season, Yoo has yet to score a goal. He scored one goal in the FA Cup, but is still scoreless in the K League 1.

Even in the 22nd round match against Jeonbuk Hyundai on December 12, Yoo fought back tears. In the 40th minute of a 1-1 tie, Yoo scored what could have been the game-winning goal. In a chaotic situation in the penalty box, he calmly finished to rock the net. It was a crucial moment in a match that had been drawn in the previous four games. Yoo Kang-hyun celebrated loudly and shared his joy with his teammates. However, an offside call was made by the VAR room. It was a heartbreaking ending to the match and to Yoo.

After the game, Yoo was in tears. Daejeon scored a last-minute equalizer to earn a 2-2 draw. It was their fifth consecutive draw. It was a game in which Yoo missed both his team’s victory and his own goal. In the midst of her disappointment, the home fans of Daejeon comforted her, and she burst into tears.

It’s been a tough time for Yoo Kang-hyun. As a striker, not scoring a single goal in the league certainly puts a lot of pressure on the player. In his position, the pressure and stress are only increasing. Thiago, in the same position, has already reached double-digit attacking points with seven goals and three assists. It’s no wonder he’s getting impatient.

He recently approached head coach Lee Min-sung to ask for a starting spot, and the coach was pleased to see that he was in good shape and eager, and actually gave him a start against Suwon Samsung on September 9. Despite not scoring a goal, Yoo played well and did his part on the front line, recording one assist.온라인카지노

Although he’s still scoreless in the league, it’s not all bad news for Yoo. He’s in good form. He just needs a goal to break through the blockage. Once he gets one, he’ll be able to take the pressure off and lighten up. “His recent performances have been really good. It’s flawless. We just need one more goal. If he scores that one goal, he will be able to take the pressure off and score more goals,” he said.

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