“I have gained some confidence in foreign pitchers.”

In the Australian league, he has reaped a great income called confidence. And with that confidence, he participates in his first 1st team overseas camp. This Arizona camp is meaningful for Song Chan-eui, the right-handed hitter of the LG Twins.

Song Chan-eui, who won the home run king in the exhibition game last year and drew attention from baseball fans, but failed to achieve remarkable results in the regular season (batting average of 0236 in 33 games, 3 home runs, 10 RBIs), played an active role as the team’s main player in the Australian League, where he participated as a member of Geelong Korea. . In 28 appearances, he had a batting average of 3.2 4, 33 hits, 7 home runs and 24 RBI. He was selected as the best hitter for the first and second rounds in a row and showed his growth.

LG also has high expectations for Song Chan-eui this season. Although he has not yet been given a clear lead, he expects his role as a multi-player to put him in the required positions as first and second baseman and outfielder.

Regarding his first overseas 1st team camp participation, Song Chan-eui said, “It’s the first time since I joined. I’m nervous and excited.” It is also true that there are concerns about his physical fitness as he plays in the Australian league and his break time is reduced. Song Chan-ui said, “I think I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard. Still, he learned something in Australia, and he has a great desire to learn more at the camp.” 안전놀이터

In the Australian league, the biggest income he picked was being exposed to a variety of balls thrown by foreign pitchers. Song Chan-eui, who said, “In the Australian League, pitchers threw fast balls and threw a lot of breaking balls,” said, “I learned a lot about fast balls, breaking balls, how to fight at bat, and how to wait.” “I think I’ve adapted to fast balls a lot because I’ve seen a lot of fast balls,” he said.

Song Chan-eui analyzed the sluggishness last season, saying, “I think it was because I rushed to hit the ball too much.” compacted

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