Kim Jae-hwan (35), the 4th hitter of Doosan, declared a comeback. When coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “You should hit 40 homers, of course,” he replied, “If it’s natural for you, then that’s right.” He is preparing for the season with confidence and enthusiasm.

Kim Jae-hwan, who is having a spring camp at the Blacktown International Baseball Center (Blacktown Stadium) in Australia, is digesting all the training with a bright expression. Coach Lee Seung-yeop and other coaches are worried about Kim Jae-hwan’s health because he underwent surgery to remove bone fragments in his elbow last winter, but he said, “I wouldn’t even be on the operating table if it was at a level that would interfere with the camp.”

He said, “It was a very light surgery, a treatment that was close to a procedure in a way. He was chosen after hearing that he could train normally from spring camp, so there is no problem with hitting and defending.” He’s actually going through his normal training. He smiled brightly, saying, “I don’t only throw hard, but my condition is good.”

The reason for a comeback is clear. Doosan, which was humiliated last year for the first time since its foundation, said that the entire team “does not forget the pride of being a Korean Series team for 7 consecutive seasons. I took a year off, but I can challenge for the top again.” In the free agent (FA) market, he spent 15.2 billion won to bring Yang Eui-ji and solved the problem of the weak position and the center batting line at once. Jose Rojas, the new foreign hitter, is also raising expectations, so there is a high possibility that the checks focused on Kim Jae-hwan will be dispersed. 온라인카지노

Not only the team, but also the restoration of individual honor. After recording his best performance in 2018 with 44 home runs, 133 runs batted in, and a batting average of 0.334, he has failed to break the record. Since 2016, he has been ranked as the top 3 hitter for the third consecutive season, but his index performance has declined since 2019. He lowered his stance, saying, “Rather than being greedy, we are aiming for all indicators to rise from last year.” It is in the very early stages of spring camp, so it is inevitable to be cautious about talking about numerical goals.

“I know what the team needs, whether it’s 40 home runs or 60 home runs,” he said. I am concentrating on raising my senses with only the idea of ​​hitting the center of the bat rather than thinking about hitting a few,” he said. I also think ‘it’s going to be good’. The captain (Heo) Kyung-min is also leading the juniors well in front of him, so I promise to push him well from the senior position.”

If Kim Jae-hwan climbs back to the top of the 30% with 40 home runs and 100 RBIs, the Doosan team’s ranking can rise vertically. If the 4th hitter endures with the batting line core, you can also find the modifier that it is a team of batting. Kim Jae-hwan emphasized, “I will work as hard as I can.” It is a ‘season of hope’ in many ways for Doosan.

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